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Project Scenario: You are a project manager for Melbourne Ev

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Project Scenario: You are a project manager for Melbourne Events,… Project?cenario:You are a project manager for Melbourne Events, an event management company. You need to organise a charity program to raise fund for the Royal Children’s Hospital. The event is planned to take place in Swanston street, at Melbourne Town Hall, a historic landmark of the city. The Royal Children’s Hospital wants a green-themed event with entertainment, music and dance, along with a charity auction. The event is planned to be held on the first Saturday in December, before Christmas and they hope to sell 350 tickets.As a project manager, you need to organise food and beverages, along with a master of ceremonies, entertainment and music for the night. The charity will source all items for the auction. The program preparation should start from the first week of August.The goal is to conduct a successful event and collect at least 25% of the profit from the event and the auction, for charity. As part of the planning process, you must prepare a series of budgets to help achieve these goals. Part AAs a project manager, analyse and prepare the budget information as requested below: PR2.1.?or the event, which budgets should be prepared to achieve the goal. Mention the scope and nature of selected budgets.???????????R2.2.?o prepare the budget, you are required to gather the necessary information. Outline six (6) sources of data and the information these data sources will provide to meet the organisation’s requirements. Fill in the template below with the information gathered.Data / Information Data Sources ??????????PR2.3.?nalyse three (3) internal and three (3) external factors that can impact on the budget. List them and provide a brief description of the positive / negative impact of each. Use the template provided below.Factor Impact ?????? ??? ??? ??? ??? ? ?usinessAccountingCOOKERY SITXFIN004

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