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Question 1 Question text There are four key sections that sh

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Question 1 Question text There are four key sections that should be… Question?Question textThere are four key sections that should be included in an ICT action plan for ICT projects. Match the correct section names with the descriptions provided below:The Queensland Government plans to spend $2.6 billion on ICT projects over the next four years.Action to be taken, time line, KPIs, responsibilities Choose…TimelineActions to be takenResponsibilitiesKPIsICT user experience survey results improve year on year over the life of the project.Action to be taken, time line, KPIs, responsibilities Choose…TimelineActions to be takenResponsibilitiesKPIsDepartments are required to include more information about key decisions and corrective actions for projects that change significantly.Action to be taken, time line, KPIs, responsibilitiesChoose only one correct answerQuestion?Which of the following statements about Gap Analysis are correct? Choose?LL?hat apply.Select one or more:Gap analysis can only be used in hardware and software upgrade projects.Gap analysis involves comparing a desired goal or situation with the current situation.Gap analysis involves comparing the current situation with the previous situation.Gap analysis is the process of identifying which aspects of a draft action plan are missing.Gap analysis can be used across a broad range of ICT projects.Question?What is the name of a diagram consisting of boxes and arrows that show causes as roots and the effects as the fruits?Select one:Problem treeGap analysisPERT chartGantt chartCost benefit analysisQuestion?When doing strategic planning, top managers will often use a technique that involves asking questions about the business – What opportunities exist? What threats exist? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the business??his technique is known as:?elect one:Total Cost of Ownership analysisCustomer relationship managementRisk ManagementFeasibility studySWOT analysisQuestion?Which of the following project types are suitable for the use of Joint Application Development (JAD)? Choose?LL?hat apply.Select one or more:System de-commissioningNew system developmentSystem enhancementsSystem MaintenanceSystem conversionsQuestion?CompleteBeing aware of IT trends and keeping systems up to date is important. Which of the following reasons support the need to keep them up to date? Choose?LL?hat apply.Select one or more:Purchasing new systems stimulates the economy and that helps everyone.Older systems can be more prone to failures leading to down-time which is very costly.This is the business version of “Keeping up with the Joneses”.Many older systems are very difficult to keep secure.Newer systems are usually more energy efficient.FeedbackQuestion?Using new technologies has many advantages but also some risks.?hich of the following is a primary risk associated with using new technologies?Select one:Reduced energy consumptionImproved customer satisfactionOlder technology may not be compatible with the new technologyReduced security riskIncreased productivityQuestion?Which of the following objectives are likely to be achieved using current and emerging technology? Choose?LL?hat apply.Select one or more:99.9% uptime?upport for innovation and productivityA fast and secure networkA 25% increase in power usageBetter and more reliable storage of dataFeedbackQuestion?0Which of the following is?OT? part of a normal SMART action plan:Select one:MeaningfulSpecificMeasurableTime-boundAttainableRelevantQuestion?1CompleteWhich of the following are regarded as emerging technologies? Choose?LL?hat apply.Select one or more:Cloud ComputingBlockchainQuantum computingServer VirtualisationInternet of things (IoT)Artificial intelligence (AI)Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyInformation SecurityINFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 512

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