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QUESTION 1Which statement about types of machine learning is

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QUESTION 1Which statement about types of machine learning is FALSE?a.With reinforcement learning, the machine receives either positive or negative feedback when a solution is returned.b.With unsupervised learning, the computer restructures the data as each algorithm is processed.c.Semi-supervised learning is a combination of supervised and unsupervised learning.d.We see supervised learning in practice when we regularly use an online search engine.4 points?QUESTION 2Thomas and Emily are discussing the effect of AI on current and future employment from various perspectives.?hich of the following discussion points is not very accurate in terms of AI and employment?____.a.the introduction of new technology has always resulted in the creation of more jobs than were take advantage of the growing AI trend, employees must take personal responsibility for their own training and take advantage of the growing AI trend, an organization must upskill their workforce?.technology may create cheaper and faster labor, but higher-paying jobs are seldom created as a result of the new technology as CEO are not replaceable by the AI4 points?QUESTION 3Due to a strategic decision to cut IT costs over the next five years, your company decided to move to a cloud model For most of the IT-related needs. Which of the following concern is not valid when deciding to?dopt the cloud service offerings for your company’s Information Systems needs?Cloud vendors have unique configurations and setup for their cloud offerings which require significant effort on the migration processSecurity is a concern as your data and your competitor’s, or hacker’s data may reside on the same cloud storage /environment, but the cloud service provider ensures regulatory compliance to mitigate this concernDue diligence and customization of service terms, conditions, and offerings are essential for you as a lack of understanding and agreement regarding what constitutes ‘use’ in a pay per use model may diminish much of the cost savingsAlthough the cloud option will offer your company great scalability and resiliency, Cloud service provider performance issues can result in wide variations in the performance of your information systems over time4 points?QUESTION 4What is the Internet of Things? information systems model in which an organization outsources the equipment used to support its data processingb.a set of tools that allow users to access their desktop operating system hosted in the cloud on a centralized serverc.a network of physical objects embedded with sensors, processors, software, and network connectivity capabilityd.a computing environment in which a service provider owns and manages the infrastructure4 points?QUESTION 5The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has undertaken three separate electronic health record system upgrade projects, none of which produced systems that fully met the organization’s needs, were well integrated, or met budget or schedule goals. The Waterfall software development approach would likely have benefitted the VA because it offers _____.a.a short product iteration cycleb.the Scrum frameworkc.maximum end user involvementd.maximum management control4 points?QUESTION 6With the Waterfall approach, a mismatch between system capabilities, users’ expectations, and organizational needs can occur. Why is this more likely with the Waterfall approach?a.Management control is loose because reviews are not conducted regularly.b.Intermediate products that can be reviewed to measure progress are not produced.c.Users’ needs are often stated and understood, but due to long development cycles, some requirements are lostd.Users do not interact with the solution until the integration and testing phase.4 points?QUESTION 7Mavis is working with her colleagues on a software selection project. They must already know the desired scope of the system as well as critical business and user requirements to make a selection because _____.a.they must judge how well the vendor’s solution matches the needs of the users and businessb.a contract with a vendor must be negotiated and finalizedc.they plan to conduct several types of testing before placing the software package in productiond.costs should be the principal factor in making this decision4 points?QUESTION 8You are part of an information systems project team. Your job is to ensure that the technology and vendor suggested for use in the project are consistent with the IS strategy. Your role in the project steering team is _____.a.project championb.project managerc.project sponsord.IS manager4 points?QUESTION 9Owen’s firm runs their critical applications in a public cloud. Recently, their launch of a new product resulted in a surge of customer orders, but they were unable to ramp up their computing capacity fast enough, and some customer’s experienced problems. This demonstrates which common issue with public cloud computing?a.vendor lock-inb.lack standardization of cloud infrastructure?.scalability challenges in the public cloud?.wide variations in performance over time4 points?QUESTION 10Which of the following is not a project??.Elon Musk, the ‘Techno King’ of Tesla tasked you to build the new Tesla mega plant in Austin Texas.?.Due to some major complaints and concerns from customers, the 5G innovation director of T-Mobile appointed you to lead a team of five to investigate the 5G deployment status in Houston Texas, and deliver a complete report by December 2021.c.President Trump tasked you to build and deliver a gigantic wall between the USA and Mexico before the 2020 national election.?.President Biden tasked you to ensure the vaccination (COVID-19) of every single American by the Independence Day of 2021 by any means necessary.?UESTION 11Thomas’s project team, which is tasked with selecting a new software package for their company, has narrowed the options to the three most promising alternatives.?At this point, the team is conducting a detailed investigation of the contenders’ proposals as well as in-depth discussions with two or three customers of each contender to learn?bout their experience with the vendor and the software.?Which of the following is not a valid concern at this stage of the software selection:?.how well the vendor’s software appears to meet the organization’s needsb.level of integration between existing IS and the system being evaluated?.how well the software supports the business processes that are within the scope of?he project?.whether the software supports business processes fully and exactly as it needs to be performed? points?QUESTION 12You are the manager of an offshore drilling facility owned by a large oil producer. Your employer is considering deploying IoT devices in the facility that you manage to enable proactive monitoring and reduce maintenance costs so that the core team can focus on boosting oil production. You have several concerns related to this approach. Which of your following concerns is not a valid one??.ways of updating the system in a secure and timely mannerb.sensor data can be incomplete or contain inconsistent valuesc.IoT can expose your internal systems to hacking, viruses, and malwared.IoT devices operate over the public internet and wireless channels where the transmitted information is visible to potential hackers and intruders?BusinessMIS MBA6207

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