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QUESTION 31a.The nominal group technique is a technique used

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QUESTION 31a.The nominal group technique is a technique used routinely at most meetings.Which of the following statements regarding techniques for making better decisions is accurate?b.Consensus requires more time to carry out, but it works well when support is needed for a plan.c.The GDSS technique is a group process using written responses to a series of questionnaires so individuals are not physically brought together to make a decision.d.Majority rule is the most common type of group decision making strategy.QUESTION 32The availability of too much information leading to more and more time being spent on gathering information and thinking about it, resulting in no decisions being made is:a.Satisficingb.Analysis paralysisc.Wildstormingd.AnchoringQUESTION 33Which of the following statements regarding intelligence is accurate?a.One’s intelligence is the strongest predictor of leadership performance.b.People with high mental abilities are more likely to be viewed as leaders in their environment.c.Effective leaders tend to have high emotional intelligence, but mental intelligence has no effect on leadership effectiveness.d.EQ matters for entry into the high level managerial ranks, but once there, EQ is less effective since all others at that level also possess high EQ.QUESTION 34Research findings of leader behaviors suggesta.when leaders are task oriented, employees are more satisfied.b.task oriented behaviors tend to be more effective in large companies.c.extremely high levels of leader task-oriented behaviors may lead to burnout in employees.d.employees who work under people oriented leaders are more productive.QUESTION 35Research on decision-making styles findsa.Laissez-faire decision making is positively related to employee satisfaction.b.Democratic decision making leads to stronger employee productivity.c.Employees often care more about the overall participativeness of the organizational climate than involvement in every single decision.d.Scientists favor autocratic decision making over democratic decision making.QUESTION 36Most research on leadership has been conducted on which of the following theories of leadership?a.Fiedler’s contingency theoryb.House’s path-goal theoryc.transformational leadership theoryd.authentic leadership theoryQUESTION 37Research on transformational and transactional leadership showsa.transactional leadership is more effective than transformational leadership.b.transactional leaders have little to no influence on employee attitudes.c.transformational leaders create higher levels of commitment to organizational change efforts.d.transactional leaders increase the intrinsic motivation of their followers.QUESTION 38Which statement regarding global leader characteristics is correct?a.In Western and Latin cultures, leaders who speak in a monotonous voice convey the ability to control emotions.b.Universally, people feel that honesty, trustworthiness and fairness are related to leadership effectiveness.c.Transactional leaders are found to be the most influential leaders around the world.d.There is no universal agreement on characteristics viewed as undesirable in leaders.QUESTION 39Which of the following statements is true regarding the positive and negative consequences of power?a.Individuals are often quick to question the actions of those in power.b.Powerful CEOs can align an organization to achieve goals.c.The adage, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” is rarely true.d.Power often leads to corruption and the destruction of companies.QUESTION 40Which of the following statements regarding the Asch studies is accurate?a.Most of the participants in the Asch groups were unaware of the correct answer.b.A dissenting minority influenced the nature of response given by participants.c.Conformity with an incorrect answer was attributed to the perception that some members of the group were more intelligent.d.A dissenting minority response caused the participants to give the correct answer only if that minority also gave the right answer.QUESTION 41If employees think that their organization is overly driven by politicsa.employees have lower job satisfaction, but are no less committed to the organization.b.employees perform worse on their jobs.c.employees have higher levels of job?erformance.d.that perception is nearly impossible to change.QUESTION 42In which of the following firms is formalization likely to occur?a.small, local pizza shopb.advertising agencyc.unionized manufacturing firmd.nonunion heavy construction firmQUESTION 43Which of the following statements regarding reasons employees resist change is correct?a.People may not welcome the change currently proposed, but they do not usually place those changes into any past context, so former unsuccessful changes have little impact on the situation.b.People resist change even if it is personally beneficial to them.c.People are less likely to resist a change that is big in scope and has far reaching consequences.d.People resist change that negatively impacts their influence and power in the firm.QUESTION 44Google has acknowledged that its strength comes from itsa.small company values of risk taking, agility, and cooperation.b.utilization of lean processes.c.ability to stand out from the crowd and be different.d.unusual employee perks.QUESTION 45The corner office, mahogany desks and credenzas, gold name plates on office doors and reserved parking places are examples of:a.Cultural beliefsb.Cultural assumptionsc.Cultural artifactsd.Cultural valuesQUESTION 46If an industry is highly regulated, firms competing within it likely have:a.Bureaucratic structuresb.Dynamic, innovative culturesc.Low concern for rules and authorityd.Business processes characterized by agility and quick actionQUESTION 47Which of the following statements regarding culture creation is correct?a.An organization’s culture is shaped only by internal environmental factors.b.New organization members are rarely taught the “way of business” in the firm; they simply acquire that knowledge through daily activities.c.When the organization’s way of doing business provides a successful adaptation to environmental challenges, those beliefs and values are retained.d.Studies show the only factor consistently found to determine culture creation in a firm is the founder’s values.QUESTION 48Which of the following statements regarding founder’s values is accurate?a.Founder values continue to be reflected in a firm regardless of the firm’s success.b.The difficulty in changing firm culture can be, at least, partially attributed to the shaping provided by founder values.c.Founder values have no impact on organizational culture.d.Founder values have no impact on organizational culture.BusinessOBHR 3310

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