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Question1) Jazz was born in , a city with a rich cultural an

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Question1) Jazz was born in , a city with a rich cultural and ethnic…1) Jazz was born in ?????????????? a city with a rich cultural and ethnic heritage.?) Jazz is considered the most influential of music categories that later shaped ?????????????.??) Jazz emerged as the combination of ragtime ?????????????nd ??????????and ??instrumentation.?) Jazz also held influences from theater (?????????? and symphony orchestras.?) Jazz would often incorporate tunes with ?????????????forms, as well as popular song ???tructures with ?????????orms and other variations.?) New Orleans during the late 1800s and early 1900s was rich in both culture and ???????????. ?) New Orleans hosted ?????grand ????????nd an active port city nightlife with ??????erving ??as its main soundtrack. ?) New Orleans had ??????ymphony orchestras many years before ??????????even organized ???ts own ???????????????) In terms of the category of jazz, the ?????????pecific type that was developed and cultivated ???n New Orleans was typically known as ?????????????0) Dixieland ‘????????’ would emulate the sounds of ragtime through thick instrumentation ????nd ??????????????????????.?1) New Orleans-born trumpet player ???????????????rganizes ?????????bands in New York ???to revive some of the past Dixieland repertoire from over ??????ears ago.?12) Back in the 1910’s, Dixieland jazz was enormously popular as ??????ntertainment.?3) It was also one of the first categories of music to gain popularity specifically as a __________ ???medium. ?4) In the year 1915, the Victor Talking Machine Company offered a recording contract to the ????ew Orleans jazz trumpet player ??????????????????5) However, he ??????????????he opportunity, fearing other players of the instrument would ???attempt to ???????his style. ?6) The first commercial release of jazz was in ????????by a group from New Orleans called the ????????????????????????????????????istening:?ivery Stable Blues?17) Dixieland jazz combos first used the ???????? the smaller ?????????of the ?????????.?8) Over time, the ????????nstrument became most common, because it could better ????????ts ???sound through crowded venues.?19) The ?????????was usually considered the ‘????????????’ of the band.?0) This was particularly the case for marching bands, concert bands, Dixieland combos, as well????s ????????? and then progressive jazz groups.?1) One of the most famous jazz musicians to come out of New Orleans was trumpet player and ????ocalist ????????????????.????Video Footage:?rom Ken Burns Jazz Series, PBS?2) He became an international ??????and helped to establish ???????s the main category of ???popular music across the globe in the 1920s & 30s. ?3) He was one of the innovators of ‘??????,’ which is an improvisational style of singing in the????category of jazz.?????ilm Footage:?rom 1933 concert in Stockholm featuring the song entitled Dinah?4) He ??????????he song “West End Blues,” written by another legendary New Orleans ????rumpeter, who was Armstrong’s music mentor, teacher, and best friend… ???????????????????istening:?est End Blues?cover)25) Many professional musicians from New Orleans began moving and finding work in different ??????????; Armstrong was then invited to ??????????to play each night of the week with the ???Creole Jazz Band.?26) Another New Orleans jazz musician was pianist ?????????????????????, who meticulously ???arranged ragtime pieces for his Dixieland combo and then toured his group across the nation ???from 1916 through the 1920’s.????Listening:?lack Bottom Stomp?1926)?7) He started his piano career in houses of ????????????????n Louisiana, where he earned tips ????hile providing background music for the ????????entertainment clientele and the ‘in-???house business meetings.’?8) He ????????????claimed at certain points to have ???????????azz.?9) This was an ??????????statement, as it took numerous individuals and stylistic influences ????ver the years to help ???????the genre.?0) Nevertheless, his remarkable ability to physically ???????????agtime syncopation into ????rchestrated format for large ensembles represented a ??????????most musicians and ?????and leaders did not have at the time.?????istening:?r. Jazz?1928)?1) One Hollywood ???????????f ??????????s very-well portrayed… ???-???ootage from movie:?The Legend of 1900″”?2) Dixieland remained popular

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