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Question1. Kerr and Shakespeare have concerns about the idea

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Question1. Kerr and Shakespeare have concerns about the idea and process of… 1. Kerr and Shakespeare have concerns about the idea and process of geneticization (identifying genes allegedly responsible for a particular trait)…a) because most people do not fully understand the relationships between genes or between genes and the environment or between an individual and the social environment in shaping human characteristics.?) because they want people to know that disabilities are due to genetic factors that can and should be prevented.c) because medical counselling tends to be directive as opposed to non-directive in the area of genetics and reproduction and people are not always able to make well-informed decisions.d) because they support the principle of parents’ freedom to design babies as they choose and worry that not enough people have bought into the reality of geneticization.e) all of the abovef)?, b and c onlyg) a and c onlyh) c and d onlyi)?one of the above?.?CGT testing companies such as 23andMe…a) have demonstrated that their testing of DNA to determine ethnic ancestry is highly accurate because it is based on the reading of genomes, errors are so few that people can assume the tests are foolproof.b) critics have questioned the fact that genetic information suggesting customers have a gene or genes associated with serious illnesses is sent to customers in the absence of any personal counselling from medical professionals.c) have scientifically proven that cultural preferences for things such as clothing and art are highly correlated with one’s genotype and the genotypes of their distant ancestors from other lands.d) have been making customers’ genetic data and names available to assist police with their investigations.e) all of the abovef)? and c onlyg) b and d onlyh) a, b and c onlyi)?one of the above?. Accordng to Malcolm Gladwell, the overall improvement in the IQ test scores of Italians in the US at the close of the 20th?entury over the IQ scores of the generation that initially immigrated …a) is due to a significant and general change in the genetics of Italian-Americans whereby they acquired most of the genes required for success on IQ tests in just a few decades.b) is due primarily to the re-norming of IQ tests.c) is due to enculturation/socialization whereby Italian-Americans adopted the use of ‘scientific spectacles’ to understand the world.d) is due almost totally to the better nutrition available to the children and grandchildren of Italian immigrants to the US.e) all of the abovef)?, c and d onlyg) c and d onlyh) a and d onlyi)?one of the above?. Practices employed in Neolithic animal husbandry which were echoed by a number of 20th?entury eugenics programs include…?a) segregation of “undesirable” individuals.?b) sterilization of “undesirable” individuals. c) artificial insemination?d) slaughter/killing of individuals considered “undesirable” for breeding.?e) the study of ancestors’ pedigree to identify superior and undesirable individuals.?f)?ll of the above?g)?, b, d and e only?h)?, c, d and e only?i)?, b and c only?j)?, b and d only????)?one of the above?.?err and Shakespeare (2002) contend that…a)?nrestricted genetic screening for so-called undesirable traits could lead to increased discrimination against the disabled.b)?eople should have the freedom to pre-select or design the genetic composition of their offspring.c)?omen should be legally denied the right to choose whether to proceed with a pregnancy to prevent selection based on genetic traits.d)?esearch into behavioural genetics should be stopped.?)?ll of the abovef)? and c onlyg)? and d onlyh)?, c and d onlyi)?one of the above?. Alberta’s eugenics laws had the following things in common with Nazi eugenics…?a) the programs in both jurisdictions practiced eugenic euthanasia.?b) both jurisdictions had state residential institutions for the mentally disabled.?c) people identified as having a serious mental disability could be sterilized.?d) both jurisdictions had compulsory sterilization of those deemed mentally unfit to be parents.?e) both jurisdictions rejected the use of IQ tests to determine cognitive abilities.?f)?ll of the above?g) a and d only?h)? and c only?i)?, c and d only?j)?one of the above?. Assuming that the facts in the “Baby Killer Mom” news story are accurate, we can reasonably conclude that…?a) Corrona Shorting has demonstrated poor parenting skills.?b) According to Canadian law, the protection of Corrona Shorting’s human rights required the?government to allow her immediate custody of her living children.?c) Corrona Shorting will be prevented from having any additional children.?d) had a similar case occurred in Sweden or Germany in the late 1930s, the mother in question?could have been required to undergo compulsory sterilization.?e)?ll of the above?f)? and d only?g) a, b and c only?h)? and d only?i)?one of the above?8. Sociobiology…a) proposes that some of our behavioural and intellectual traits may have evolved during the EEA.?b) assumes genetic mutations that enhance survivability are more likely to be passed on to?future generations than those genetic traits which do not contribute to survival.?c) provides explanations based on evolutionary genetics for why an individual might give up?their life to save the life of other family members.?d) rejects the principles of developmental psychology as they are incompatible with the true?nature of human development.?e) all of the above?f)?, c and d only?g) a, b and c only?h) b, c and d only?i) none of the above?. The interactionist perspective, aka developmental systems perspective…?a) is compatible with the idea of bidirectional influences.?b) is not compatible with the core ideas presented by sociobiology?c) is compatible with the idea that we are born as “tabula rasa” — our social environment is?almost totally responsible for your personality and behaviour traits.?d) claims that approximately 50% of our behavioural traits, personality and intellect are?determined by our genes and approximately 50% is determined by our social environment.?e) all of the above?f)? and b only?g) b, c and d only?h) c and d only?i)?one of the above?0. The bureaucratic structure of the T4 program has been seen as a contributing factor to the lack of opposition or protest by those involved because…a)?any participants in the process were not made aware of the big picture or ultimate?bjectives of the program.b)?he multi-level decision making chain enabled participants to avoid full responsibility for eventual outcomes.c)?f medical professionals had been involved in the system they would have put a stop to it.d)?ugenics had little or no support among German academics who would have opposed T4 had they known about it.e)?ll of the abovef)? and c onlyg)? and b onlyh)?one of the aboveBiologyScienceGeneticsSOC 208-001

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