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Questiona)?etermine the general scope of risk for the coffe

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Questiona)?etermine the general scope of risk for the coffee shop plans anddetermine existing strengths and weaknesses of existing arrangements b)?esign a communication strategy to communicate to relevant parties (internal and external stakeholders) about the risk scope and risk management process. Cover how you will invite stakeholders for partition in assessing and managing risks and how you will gain support for the risk management process from the stakeholders and managers.c)?Document the critical factors, goals, and objectives to be included in the risk management plan.d)?dentify and summarise the appropriate legislation concerning business risk, both state and federal, that applies to the business.e)?Review all critical success factors, goals, legal, technological factors, and policies relevant to the coffee shop.2.1.?Identify Business Risks associated with the coffee shop (or selected business)a)?dentify the causes of the business risks by identifying the risk categories;b)?isk Matrix to assist in the identification of each risk;c)?Determine the severity of each business risk and prioritize on the Risk Matrix.2.2. Analyze and evaluate the Business Risks in your selected business:a)?sing the Risk Matrix, (you have completed in section 2 above), analyses the potential impact each risk has on your business;b)?dentify the top 5 risks and explain the likelihood of those risks happening in the future c)?Evaluate and priorities the business risks for treatment;2.3.???Select and implement treatments and monitor the “Action Plan”b)?mplement the treatment of each business risk. Discuss the procedures that need to be implemented to ensure the risk is unlikely to happen.c)?How will you communicate the risk management procedures and Action Plan to the relevant parties (internal and external stakeholders);d)?escribe how you will monitor the Action Plan and evaluate the ongoing risk management process;e)?Briefly describe why it is important for all records to be kept and stored appropriately; and based on the scenario, discuss and determine where all relevant documents would be kept (e.g. in the head office in the CBD or in Newtown and why?)Business

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