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QuestionAnswered step-by-step1.???????2.?????.?

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QuestionAnswered step-by-step1.???????2.?????.?.??.????Type of ContaminationWhat is the importance of avoiding wastage in a commercial kitchen operation?Responses??rovide 3 reasons why food needs to be protected from contamination:Responses1.?hat are the different types of contamination? How are these caused?Responses Causes ??????? ?.???What are the requirements for checking foods and perishables when a delivery arrives? This needs to include the underpinning regulatory requirements, e.g. how to check, recording mechanisms etc.?esponses ???????????5.???List the suitable storage area, provision for correct storage (e.g. sanitised container) and typical storage temperatures for each of the commodities listed in the table. Explain how these storage areas should be prepared prior to storing food items following a delivery.Commodity Storage area Storage temperature Storage provision 1.???Vegetables2.???Beverages3.???Dairy products4.???Canned products5.???Dry goods6.???Cooked Food Items7.???Frozen goods8.???Fruit9.???Meat10.?Oils11.?Poultry12.?Seafood13.?Vacuumed sealed items??Preparation of Storage areas:????????esponses ??????.???What needs to be done if a delivery does not meet specifications or legislative temperature requirements or is spoilt or contaminated? Who needs to be informed??esponses ????????.???What are the humidity and ventilation requirements for dry store, cool room and freezers?What are the requirements for monitoring and documentation??esponses ????????? 8.???What are the provisions for effective pest control and maintenance requirements?Responses ?????9.???You receive a delivery of fresh, frozen and dry goods. How will you store these items to ensure food safety requirements, prevent spoilage and ensure security of goods?Responses ??????????????10.?What are the labelling and coding requirements for food items? How does this assists in effective FIFO procedures?Responses ????11.?What is the purpose of stock rotation?Responses ???????2.?What are the recommended methods for cleaning and sanitising floors, wall and shelving in storage areas to ensure food safety for storage??esponses Floors:??Walls:Shelving:?13.?Provide 7 examples of indicators which can be used to identify whether stock is spoiled or contaminated:?esponses 1.?.?.?.?.?.?.??4.?How would you dispose of kitchen waste and potentially hazardous substances according to environmental requirements and to prevent potential contamination in a food production area??esponses ???????usinessCOOKERY SITXINV002Share Question

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