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QuestionAnswered step-by-stepChapter 13 Glaciers and the Dyn

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QuestionAnswered step-by-stepChapter 13 Glaciers and the Dynamic Cryosphere?.???hat is the cryosphere, and how does the extent of sea ice vary overtime??.???ow do mountain glaciers affect landscapes??.???ow might glaciers be affected by climate change?4.???ow do continental glaciers affect landscapes??hapter 21.1 Concept Check?.distinguish between weather and climate?. What are the 5 major parts if the climate system?3.list at least 5 connections between climate and geology.?1.21.???hat are proxy data, and why are they necessary in the study of climate change??.???hy are seafloor sediments useful in the study of past climates? Aside from seafloor sediments, list 4 sources of proxy climate data.?.???xplain how past temperatures are determined using oxygen isotope analysis.?1.31.???hat are the major components of clean, dry air?2.???escribe how air pressure changes with an increase in altitude, does it change at a constant rate??1.4?.???hat are the three paths taken by incoming solar radiation? What might cause the percentage taking each path to vary?2.???xplain why the atmosphere is heated chiefly by radiation from earth’s surface.3.???repare a sketch with labels that explains the greenhouse effect.?1.5?.???escribe and briefly explain the effect of the El Chichon and Mount Pinatubo eruptions on global temperatures.2.???ow might volcanism lead to global warming?3.???hat are sunspots? How does solar output change as sunspot numbers change? Is there a solid connection between sunspot numbers and climate change on earth??1.61.???hy has the co2 level of the atmosphere been increasing over the past 200 years?2.???ow has the atmosphere responded to the growing co2 levels? How are temperatures in the lower atmosphere likely to change as co2 level continue to increase??.???side from co2 what trace gases are contributing to global temperature change??.???ist the main source of human generated aerosols and describe their net effect on atmospheric temperatures.?1.7?.???istinguish between positive and negative feedback mechanisms.?.???rovide at least one example of each type of feedback mechanism.3.???hat factors influence the accuracy of computer models of climate?21.8?.???escribe the factors that are causing sea level to rise.?.???s global warming greater near the equator or near the poles? Explain.?Chapter 22 Concept Check Questions?2.1?.???n what way is earth unique among the planets of our solar system?2.???xplain why earth is just the right size.3.???hy is earths molten, metallic core important to humans living today?4.???hy is earth’s location in the solar system ideal for the development of higher life forms??2.2?.???hat two elements made up most of the very early universe??.???hat is the name of the cataclysmic event in which an exploding star produces all the elements heavier than iron?3.???riefly describe the formation of the planets from the solar nebula.4.???escribe the conditions on earth during the Hadean.?2.31.???hat is meant outgassing, and what modern phenomenon serves that role today?2.???dentify the most abundant gases that were added to earths early atmosphere through the process of outgassing.3.???hy was the evolution of photosynthesizing bacteria important to most modern organisms?4.???hy was rainwater high acidic early in earth’s history?5.???ow does the ocean remove carbon dioxide from earth atmosphere?22.41.???riefly explain how low-density continental crust was produced from earths rocky mantle.?.???escribe how cratons came into being.?.???hat is the supercontinent cycle? What supercontinent proceeded Pangaea??.???ive an example of how the movement of a continent can trigger climate change22.51.???uring which period of geologic history did the supercontinent Pangaea come into existence? During which period did it begin to break apart?2.???escribe the climate of the present day of the American southwest during early Jurassic time.3.???ompare and contrast eastern and western north America during the Cenozoic era.?2.6?.???hat group of organic compounds is essential for the formation pf DNA and RNA, and therefore necessary for life as we know it??.???hat are stromatolites? What group of organisms is thought to have produced them??2.7?.???hat is the Cambrian explosion?2.???escribe the obstacles plants had to overcome in order to inhabit the continents.?.???hat group of animals is thought to have left the ocean to become the first amphibians?4.???hy are amphibians not considered “true” land animals?5.???hat major development allowed reptiles to move inland??22.8?.???hat group of plants became the dominant trees during the Mesozoic era? Name a modern descendant of this group.?.???hat group of reptiles led to the evolution of modern birds??.???hat was the dominant reptile group on land during the Mesozoic?4.???dentify two reptiles that returned to life in the sea.22.9?.???hat animal group became the dominant land animals of the Cenozoic era?2.???xplain how the demise of the large Mesozoic reptiles impacted the development of mammals.?.???here has most of the evidence for the early evolution of our ancestors been discovered.?.???escribe one hypothesis that explains the extinction of large mammals in the late Pleistocene.?Chapter 24 Concept Check Question24.11.???riefly outline the steps in the formation of our solar system, according to the nebular theory.2.???y what criteria are planets considered either terrestrial or Jovian?3.???hat accounts for the large density differences between the terrestrial and Jovian planets?4.???xplain why the terrestrial planets have meagers atmosphere compared to the Jovian planets.?4.2?. briefly describes the origin of the moon.?.Compare and contrast the moons maria and highlands.3.How are maria on the moon similar to the Columbia plateau in the pacific northwest?4.How is crater density used in the relative dating of the moon’s surface features??.summarize the major stages in the development of the modern lunar surface.?4.3?.???hat body in our solar system is most like mercury?2.???enus was once referred to as “earths twin”. How are these two planets similar? How do they differ from one another?3.???hat surface features do mars and earth have in common?4.???hy are the largest volcanoes on earth so much smaller than the largest ones on mars?5.???hat evidence suggests that mars had an active hydrologic cycle in the past?24.41.???hat is the nature of Jupiter’s great red spot??.???hat is distinctive about Jupiter’s satellite to?3.???ow are Jupiter and Saturn similar to one another?4.???hat two roles do ring moon play in the nature of planetary ring systems?Earth ScienceScienceGeologyENV 309Share Question

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