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QuestionAnswered step-by-stepIW-103 – Historical Survey and

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QuestionAnswered step-by-stepIW-103 – Historical Survey and Foundations(Naturopathy For The 21st Century)1. Naturopathy is a system of disease-eradication based on the theory that, as Dr. Cummins says, “Clean blood is theinstrument of health and the fountain of happiness.”a. Trueb. False2. The fermentation of poisonous acids and alkaloids in the human system attracts germs because they feed upon it.a. Trueb. False3. The size of a spinal nerve where it passes through an opening between two vertebrae is from one-twelfth to onetwentieththe size of the opening.a. Trueb. False4. A diagnosis from the eye shows us that the view of Dr. Hahnemann is perfectly right.a. Trueb. False5. Medical science is founded upon a valid premise that disease is caused by extraneous, outside influences and that anaffliction may be permanently ‘cured’ or palliated by drugs.a. Trueb. False6. According to the toxin philosophy, every so-called disease is a crisis of toxemia (self-poisoning). Any treatment thatobstructs nature’s effort to rid the body of toxins complicates the problems and baffles nature in her self-treating efforts.a. Trueb. False7. As soon as toxemia is controlled, the disease disappears, unless an organ has been forced by innumerable crises todegenerate.a. Trueb. False8. So-called disease is nature’s effort to eliminate toxins from the blood. All so-called diseases are crises of toxemia.a. Trueb. False9. Normal people have innate, built-in resources for recovery, but even if exercised properly, this cannot get them out ofevery difficult situation.a. Trueb. False10. Cancer is the culmination of years of abuse of nutrition and years of toxemia resulting from faulty elimination.a. Trueb. False11. Toxins, the poisonous cause of toxemia, is a product of metabolism and is constantly generated. But when muscleenergy is normal, toxins are eliminated as fast as they are produced.a. Trueb. False12. Elimination of the waste products of tissue building is just as necessary as the building-up process.a. Trueb. False13. Enervation per se is a disease.a. Trueb. False14. The chain of symptoms which ranges from cold to catarrh to Bright’s disease, to tuberculosis, to cancer, and to all theother so-called diseases from beginning to end, are all just the end-symptoms of the cumulative effects of crises of toxemia.a. Trueb. False15. There is only one way to get rid of toxemia. We must rid ourselves of our enervating habits.a. Trueb. False16. The law of Duel Effect governs all drug actions. Therefore, in accordance with the law of action and reaction, the secondand lasting effect of remedies must be similar to the disease condition.a. Trueb. False17. From the naturopathic point of view, the mind-body connection is important and is the only factor in determiningimprovement for people with chronic health problems.a. Trueb. False18. One of the ten rules leading to health is Breathe Deeply.a. Trueb. False19. Biofeedback is part of the naturopathic assessment.a. Trueb. False20. Reported improvement is not a good way to determine whether an assessment technique is effective.a. Trueb. False21. RNA stands for Reflex Nutrition Assessment.a. Trueb. False22. The use of changes in pulse rate is not a method of determining food and environmental sensitivities.a. Trueb. False23. Two discoveries, one the invention of wireless telegraphy and the other the discovery of invisible rays, explain how it ispossible that the areas of the iris that correspond to the various organs are arranged according to their position in the body.a. Trueb. False24. There are cells in the tissues of human skin whose function is analogous to that of chlorophyll, which explains the valueof the sunbath.a. Trueb. False25. One of the least-known light-deprivation conditions is Seasonal Affective Disorder (often referred to as SAD), whichcauses depression and mood swings in affected individuals.a. Trueb. False26. Chromo-therapy is a method of the treatment of disease by the use of radiant colors.a. Trueb. False27. There may always be controversy about ozone, but clean air should be an important principle of health for everyone.a. Trueb. False28. A study found that combining relaxation breathing techniques with soothing music resulted in lower cardiaccomplications for people with coronary concerns.a. Trueb. False29. The use of magnets alone without nutritional supplementation may be the best course of action.a. Trueb. False30. No one intervention always works for everyone to restore health. Everyone is different, and naturopathy believes thatinterventions must be tailored to the individual, not the diagnosis.a. Trueb. False31. Rest has been found to have little or no value in the treatment of addiction to opium, cocaine, whiskey, and tobacco.a. Trueb. False32. The ‘rest-cure’ is only a preparation for the ‘exercise-cure.’a. Trueb. False33. One of the rules of exercise is to take vigorous exercise when you are tired.a. Trueb. False34. As a general rule of exercise, we should direct our head to the south, away from the Pole Star, when exercising whilelying down.a. Trueb. False35. The influence of massage upon lymph circulation is especially worthy of attention.a. Trueb. False36. Ancient as well as modern physicians have regarded massage as a means by which the general nutritive processes of thebody may be influenced in a most powerful degree.a. Trueb. False37. Reflexology is an ancient technique based on the premise that there are reflex points on the feet and hands thatcorrespond to every muscle, nerve, organ, gland, and bone in the body.a. Trueb. False38. In acupressure, fingertips are applied to acupuncture points.a. Trueb. False39. Pressure from the finger or thumb without the nail is called tonification, whereas pressure that includes the nail is calledsedation.a. Trueb. False40. The Tokio Medical Journal (1881) states that the cold bath has been in use in Japan for nearly eight hundred years.a. Trueb. False41. Hoffman, whose authority commands universal respect, declared water to be more nearly a panacea for all human illsthan any other known agent.a. Trueb. False42. The specific effects of hydrotherapy are chiefly due to water per se, not to the impressions of heat or cold made by thisagent when brought in contact with the skin.a. Trueb. False43. It is recommended by some authors to resort to cold bathing either about an hour before breakfast in the early morningor else late in the evening just before retiring for the night.a. Trueb. False44. The duration of a cold bath may extend to one or two hours.a. Trueb. False45. The best period for taking a warm bath is about an hour previous to the mid-day meal.a. Trueb. False46. To take a hot bath when in a state of in exhaustion and torpor from exposure to intense cold is not recommended.a. Trueb. False47. The time to be spent in a sea-bath cannot be prescribed with exactitude since the proper length of the dip varies greatlywith the temperature of the water and air and the vigor of the individual’s constitution.a. Trueb. False48. The cold enema, or cold irrigation of the colon, is a useful means of combating an inflammatory condition of the pelvicviscera.a. Trueb. False49. The water (juices) of fruits and vegetables aid in the process of elimination by uniting with the waste material and thusrendering it soluble and eliminable.a. Trueb. False50. Distilling water and then adding back inorganic minerals makes it the same as natural water.a. Trueb. False51. In this day and age, the best source of water is probably rainwater.a. Trueb. False52. Dr. Kulkarni wrote that fasting for several weeks further weakens the constitution of the patient that has already beenweakened by disease.a. Trueb. False53. Before commencing a fast, the patient should keep his bowels clean by taking an enema daily at least for two or threedays.a. Trueb. False54. Because of the denaturation of foods by refining and processing, we are overeating the fattening and energy-producingcomponents.a. Trueb. False55. Wheat, rice and oatmeal have been selected as preferred cereals for human food.a. Trueb. False56. Man’s natural foods are fruits, nuts, cereals, and fresh meat.a. Trueb. False57. When the blood is saturated with the waste products of flesh food, it is fertile soil for cancers and for zymotic andbacterial infections.a. Trueb. False58. There is only one natural and wholesome blood purifying medium and that is unheated vegetable juice and fruit juice.a. Trueb. False59. Small pieces of garlic should be eaten with grated coconut and lemon juice as a disinfectant.a. Trueb. False60. It is impossible for human beings to maintain and nourish themselves on uncooked food.a. Trueb. False61. Clinical experience suggests that people who are bothered by cow’s milk sometimes suffer from asthma, frequent colds,insomnia, behavioral problems, diabetes, gastrointestinal upset, sinus conditions, ear infections, osteoporosis and/orvarious forms of arthritis.a. Trueb. False62. Many people unknowingly use caffeine in an attempt to compensate for unknown low thyroid function.a. Trueb. False63. Unlike the beliefs of some natural hygienists and many in the ‘mainstream’, there is no one diet that is optimal foreveryone. Genetics and other factors are involved. Everyone is biochemically unique, thus what works for one does notalways work for another.a. Trueb. False64. The body cannot tell whether a vitamin in the bloodstream came from an organically grown cantaloupe or from achemist’s laboratory.a. Trueb. False65. The electron microscope indicates that isolated USP vitamins appear larger and have a crystalline appearance, whencompared to vitamins in a natural food complex that have more of a rounded and smaller appearance.a. Trueb. False66. University studies (which may or may not conform to peer-review standards) do not show that the bioavailability offood complex minerals is greater than that of isolated inorganic minerals salts or mineral chelates.a. Trueb. False67. It should be noted that humans can, and do, utilize minerals from USP mineral salts, but not as effectively as from foods.a. Trueb. False68. At least one researcher has concluded that commonly-used mineral salts such as calcium lactate and calcium gluconateprimarily succeed in creating high blood calcium levels instead of alleviating symptoms of low tissue calcium.a. Trueb. False69. A human study found that food complex magnesium was 2.20 times more absorbed into the blood than magnesiumoxide and 1.60 times more than amino acid chelated magnesium.a. Trueb. False70. Most people can increase their consumption of food-complexed minerals by eating more whole grains and whole grainproducts as well as by eating sea vegetables.a. Trueb. False71. Oral consumption of dried glandulars is no different than consuming any other protein containing food.a. Trueb. False72. Unless enzymes function properly, vitamins and minerals cannot do their job.a. Trueb. False73. Colostrum, life’s first food, is similar to glandulars as it is an animal product.a. Trueb. False74. Raw foods, almost exclusively plants, contain natural enzymes, therefore on a maintenance program many vegetarianswill consume more enzymes than non-vegetarians.a. Trueb. FalseScienceHealth ScienceNUR HEALTH ASSShare Question

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