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QuestionAnswered step-by-stepQuestion 1Niles Eldredge and St

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QuestionAnswered step-by-stepQuestion 1Niles Eldredge and Stephen Gould used the Punctuated Equilibrium concept to explain the fossil gaps in evolutionary history. Which of the following statements illustrate their argument? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?hey published a paper in which they explained the slow tempo of Darwinism and fast tempo. b.?he concept was not accepted by the scientific community of the time. c.?he idea proposed was that evolutionary periods are very long and that is why the fossils cannot be found. d.?he reason there are no intermediate fossils during the gap periods is because a very fast evolution took place due to a different mechanism that we do not yet know. Question 2Biologists believe that life cannot be mechanical, rather that it is trans-mutational – it is about mechanical change in the body. How does quantum biology approach this dilemma? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?he evolution process is always from complexity to simplicity. b.?he evolution will precede the quantum creativity of the vital (quantum creativity of the morphogenetic fields). c.?n the process of making new organs, consciousness recognizes new blueprints and is able to make representations of new blueprints. This is how changes are reflected in the quality of the representations. d.?he biochemical body makes representations of the morphogenetic fields, which are the blueprints of the vital body. Question 3In the lecture, Goswami explains what feelings are. Which of the following statements is correct?Choose one answer. a.?eelings are the end result of the endocrine system producing hormones. b.?eelings are a Freudian concept based on the unconscious mind that moves our emotional well-being. c.?eelings are our direct cognition of movement in the morphogenetic fields that helps cells differentiate into different cells belonging to different targets, depending on the function that the organ will perform. d.?eelings are the result of chemical reactions in the brain brought about by stimuli. Question4Bringing together a large number of people provides conditions for obtaining a coherent “wave function” in a macroscopic coherent Bose-Einstein condensate, which is a type of transmitter-receiver system outside space-time. Coherent wave functions are not subject to the principle of locality. Which of the following reasons is correct? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?hey are part of the so-called hidden order of the universe. b.?he concept of coherent waves is part of the spooky phenomena that Einstein spoke about. c.?hese wave functions can establish communication with the hidden order and can determine whether or not a given item of information is sent to space-time. d.?euronal microtubules and DNA of our brain also handle waves other than electromagnetic waves, waves that are not subject to the principle of locality. Question 5The Synthetic Theory has been singled out for shortcomings in explaining which of the following? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?he empirical basis of gradualism is weak at best since fossil records provide little evidence for a gradual evolution of new forms. b.?opulation genetics falls short of explaining innovations and constraints and the evolution of body plans. c.?he theory is only a restating of the Darwinian Evolutionary Theory. d.?he branching patterns of higher taxa in both animals and plants do not reveal that the major features of body plans and their constituent parts arose in a gradual way. Question 6The nonlocal process used to explain quantum phenomena has loopholes in practical implementations. It favors the view that the wavefunction represents a lack of knowledge rather than reality. Nonlocality is veiled since it lies outside the framework of classical science, and it saves us from the difficulty of explaining the randomness of reality. Recent research shows which of the following reasons for non-local explanations? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?lasticity b.?xtra-genetic inheritance c.?evelopmental bias d.?pecies collective unconscious Question 7Which of the following are the three arguments that Darwinism cannot refute?Choose one answer. a.?ognizance, complexity, two tempos of evolution b.?implicity, fast tempo, equilibrium c.?pecies durability, genetic variations, equilibrium d.?urposiveness, species durability, two tempos of evolutionQuestion 8According to the morphogenetic concept, what do feelings and the morphogenetic fields have in common? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?he root chakra takes care of the excretion aspects of the body. When this is taken care of, we feel secure; a lack of security produces fear. b.?f we look at the organ function, that should tell us about the morphogenetic field that is associated with that particular function. Thus, we can figure out the energies that are connected with the morphogenetic field and make the connection with the organ function. c.?hen we feel that we cannot pay attention to this part of the body anymore, this part of the morphogenetic field is not coming into actuality, which is why we have the feeling of insecurity or fear. d.?t is difficult to scientifically prove the existence of feelings, much less their connection to morphogenetic fields. Question 9In 2007, Graham Fleming was able to demonstrate coherent quantum waves while experimenting with Chlorobium tepidum (green sulphur bacterium). Which of the following describe the experiment? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?he samples were chilled to 77K with liquid nitrogen, but the data from their laser probes showed clear evidence of coherent exciton states. b.?he sample was gathered from seaweed mixed with silicon. c.? string of very short laser pulses was used to probe the photosynthetic apparatus of Chlorobium tepidum. d.?he lasers were pulsed off an array of mirrors that helped intensify and focus the beam.Question 10What is the major difference between the lower chakra centers and the higher chakra centers? (Select all that apply)Choose one answer. a.?he lower chakra centers are designed to experience the intuitive aspects of the human being. b.?here is no difference between the lower and higher chakra centers. c.?he higher chakra centers are mainly for esoteric purposes. d.?he higher chakra centers are designed to experience the intuitive aspects of the human being.Question 11According to the writers, what are the three major flaws that quantum theory faces and that need to be resolved? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?o description of reality b.?t odds with classical physics c.?o inclusion of consciousness d.?nternal inconsistenciesQuestion 12What are the recommendations given by Theissen in order to establish hopeful monsters as a useful addition to evolutionary biology? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?utative hopeful monsters have to be experimentally studied and not just discussed. b.?hinking in terms of mutually-exclusive alternatives has to be overcome. c.?he importance of saltational evolution might be different in different kinds of organisms; evolutionary biology has to overcome its inordinate fondness for animals. d.?t has to be more appreciated that along the contingent trajectories of replicating organisms, the rarity of events does not necessarily imply unimportance.Question 13What is meant by biological spontaneity?Choose one answer. a.?he ability of a species to suddenly mutate to meet its environmental challenges. b.?he will of a cell to choose how to replicate itself. c.?iological activities can be responsible for the creation of virtual particles, and biological causes can be responsible for physically “acausal” processes. d.?he flexibility of a human being to adapt suddenly to the ecological challenges.Question 14Astronomers and astrophysicists formulated a hypothesis called the anthropic principle. What does this principle state? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?ifferent inhabitants in different parts of the universe must participate in compatible ways. b.?he universe evolves with the purpose of life, so that life can become a part. c.?he universe evolves with fine tuning so that the observer can eventually become a part of it. d.?ll it takes is for an individual to collapse a possibility for it to occur for all the multiverses.Question 15Which of the following are practical applications for biological quantum coherence research? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?igh tension copper wiring for transporting electricity to remote areas. b.?uantum computing manipulates data encoded in quantum bits (qubits) of information, such as the spin-up and spin-down states of an electron or of an atomic nucleus. c.?hotonic systems using materials such as quantum dots or highly branched polymers studded with light-absorbing chemical groups in artificial antenna arrays. d.?olar cells with improved energy-conversion efficiencies.Question 16According to Thornton, concepts of the current population genetics models, which consider the molecular details of how mutations control phenotype as statistical noise, need to be changed to a functional synthesis of which of the following biology fields? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?uclear biology b.?tructural biology c.?olecular genetics d.?volutionary biologyQuestion 17Quantum physics allows us to make a science of the subtle by explaining the bioelectric body. What are some applications in healing practices? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?yurvedic and Chinese acupuncture b.?uantum medicine c.?hiropractic d.?odern HomeopathyQuestion 18The many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics was considered as something rather exotic by people working in quantum theory. However, two new developments in quantum physics have changed the situation. Which of the following are the reasons? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?lassical Darwinian evolutionary theory b.?rogress in the study of quantum cosmology c.?he Copenhagen Interpretation which laid the foundation for understanding quantum physics d.?he birth of quantum informaticsQuestion 19Why is a new biology needed at present? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?he failure of classical biology to make adequate changes. b.?he need to understand how life struggles against the entropy law. c.?he need to identify if life is like matter or inanimate matter. d.?he need to distinguish between matter and life.Question 20According to Bauer, what are the three requirements of Life? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?iving organisms in a changing environment must manifest changes that are different from those manifested by inanimate systems. b.?t is characteristic for all living organisms that spontaneous changes occur in their states, changes not arising from external causes outer to the body of the organism. c.?e regard any system as living only if it utilizes its free energy to increase its ability to do work. d.?he change in internal energy of a system equals the net heat transfer into the system.Question 21Complexity in the universe grew gradually from gravity and nuclear powers in the cosmosphere, with all the information stored in atomic-nuclear structures. The origin of life is therefore a result of the organization and reorganization of matter to support constants such as the cosmic energy. Which of the following statements describes this ongoing process? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?he process was intensified with the emergence of self-organizing macromolecular systems and reached a state of complexity with the emergence of the neural network and the conscious universe interconnection code with information stored in quantum holographic networks. b.?he absorption of non-ionizing radiation led to electron excitations within atoms and molecules, which may have led to energy transfer that we now understand as the photosensitization potential and through pathways such as the cell-soul pathway. c.?tructured inorganic networks were replaced with organic matter, which resulted in stronger computational processes and better proton pumping for more ATP generation that was required for adaptation and awareness. d.?ny spontaneously-occurring process will always lead to an escalation in the entropy of the Universe.Question 22How does the Quantum Vision characterize Life? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?iving means feeling vital energies in our internal environment. b.?ife and vital energies cannot be defined yet. c.?ital energies are non-physical and cannot be measured physically. d.?he quest for understanding life in the quantum worldview is still unresolved.Question 23Consciousness-based evolution will have purposiveness defined in it from the start. Which of the following statements explain the sentence? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?he quantum worldview can introduce both cause and purpose into the same concept. They eventually collapse in a downward position which, when imposed, is a causal force that changes possibility and actuality. b.?uantum mechanics views only the subatomic level of reality and cannot make any hypotheses about cosmic questions. c.?onsciousness is a unique phenomenon that only happens to those who seek the correct path. d.?hen the purposiveness of consciousness is served, it makes the evolution proceed toward a better and better representation of the soul.Question 24What is the significance of the delayed-choice experiments? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?verything waits until the circularity comes about in potentiality. Then immediately the match is made, it collapses, and then the observer and the observed universe are created at once. b.?ow we can give the complete picture of how the universe is, indeed, a bunch of possibilities until all these things happen in potentiality. c.?he experiments turned out to be trivial and did not provide assistance in developing a quantum theory on the origin of the universe. d.?e can witness the beginning of the universe by tracing all the ingredients, going backwards in time, atmosphere, the supernova, galaxies, all the way to the Big Bang, all in retrospect.Question25The mystery of how a collapse in possibilities occurred in the universe 14 billion years ago was explained by John Wheeler. His participatory universe concept helps explain this solution with which of the following statements? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?fter a while, only you realize that there are no rules of the game; you are making up the rules as you go on. b.?he observer must be present in order to collapse the possibilities, and therefore an observer needed to be present 14 billion years ago. c.?t is not important that an observer be present as long as the subject was present at the beginning. d.?uppose you imagine a game that you are playing with your friends and the only rule that is given is that whatever you say is consistent with all the previous things that have been said about the rules of the game.Question 26″Cosmic energy may be connected and thus forms a matrix within the entire cosmos and by means of structured matter can elicit life.” Which of the following statements are consistent with this phrase? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?he cosmic energy by some means entombed itself within matter; energy was stored with the chemical bonds, which we now understand through the studies of chemistry and biochemistry. b.?he question of which was first, life or energy, is an issue which has still not been resolved adequately. c.?iving systems, like non-living systems, are dependent on quantum states at the level of their chemical bonding. d.?volution began much after the existence of energy and matter and its unanimity, and therefore the answer to the origin of life lies much before the emergence of viruses, bacteria, archaea, and eukaryotes.Question 27The authors include a cell-soul pathway in their article. What do they mean by this concept? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?t is the conversion of cosmic energy to cellular energy and a reverse feedback mechanism. b.?t is a confusing term which has nothing to do with spiritual or esoteric concepts. c.?t is a pathway that runs within each and every individual biological cell, which utilizes electromagnetic radiation. d.?lectromagnetic radiation is used for selection, absorption, circulation, and release of photons which can compute consciousness by means of the ORCH_OR reduction process within the microtubules of every living cell.Question 28What is meant by Maxwell’s demon? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?n illegal connection to the power grid that allows a person to have free energy. b.?n imaginary demon that sits on top of a partition in a box. When fast molecules are detected, it allows them to go through a trapdoor. When slow molecules are detected, it shuts the door and they cannot go through. c.? fictional demon that emerges in this dimension to wreak havoc. d.?he demon will have created a situation where the fast molecules will be on one side of the chamber, while the slow molecules will be in the other chamber. A situation of disequilibrium will exist, and one can run an engine and extract energy from this system in violation of the entropy law.Question 29In a healthy, normally-functioning body, at the lowest constant intensity (I) and fixed frequency (N) or the wavelength (lambda) of the scale of the spectrum, these processes are stabilized. These parameters will change in medical disorders – biophoton light emissions and their frequency are increased. What implications does this statement have for healing? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?nergy medicine is a viable healing option. b.? state of unease can be measured, and the healee can take steps to increase the energy/biophoton levels of the body. c.?ne must not jump to conclusions regarding the auric fields. d.?his statement pertains to bacteria and some plants and cannot be used for human beings.Question30One of the most important criticisms of Darwinism is which of the following statements? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?he “fossil-gap” is the most important criticism because it reveals the problem Darwinism has with lack of data. b.?arwinism says that little changes are selected by nature and that those gene mutations are beneficial for the organism to survive. c.?he slow vs. fast change concept helps resolve the issues against Darwinism. d.?arwinism overturns the criticism due to its solid theory that explains evolution.Question 31Karl Popper proposed which criteria for validating scientific theories?Choose one answer. a.?lexibility b.?ignificance c.?alsifiability d.?iability Question 32The concept of non-local effects does not have any counterpart in classical physics. In addition to the state of “existence” and “non-existence,” there is a third state that is intermediate between two existing particles. A particle may be in a certain region of space, or may not be there, or it is in an undefined position. This relationship can be applied to the functioning of human consciousness, which works with the Cosmos and can follow the laws of quantum mechanics. Why is this indeterminacy significant for consciousness? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?t is without a spatial dimension. b.?t is self-maintaining. c.?t is self-organizing. d.?t is without time. Question 33Liquid water is necessary for life, and life emerged only when water was available. What are some reasons for the importance of water? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?queous systems play a key role providing the basis for recording, storing, transferring, and retrieving clinically effective quanta of information that are able to yield the self-regulation and self-regeneration potentiality of an organism both at a local and a systemic level. b.?n living systems, water is known to support coherent dipolar excitations where the Froehlich effect has a connection with long-range propagation of signals in biological and non-biological materials as wave packets consisting of Schrodinger Davydov solitons. c.?xploration of photon excitation is more useful and will help understand photosynthesis. It will bring more benefit to scientific knowledge. d.?ntanglement is more important, and research should focus on this concept and avoid wasting time studying water.Question 34What are the four stages of consciousness according to quantum creativity researchers?Choose one answer. a.?elf-awareness, conscious programming, logical analysis, putting into practice. b.?ealization, logical analysis, sudden quantum leap, putting into practice. c.?reparation, conscious programming, logical analysis, manifestation. d.?reparation, unconscious processing, sudden quantum leap, manifestation.Question 35Uri and Miller produced amino acids from a solution of just the barest atoms (hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, etc.). The discovery caused huge excitement since amino acids are the base molecule for protein. However, there is a genetic code written in the DNA which has the code for making amino acid chains into protein. This situation led to another problem. Which of the following statements describes this new problem? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?he material list for making life is much more complicated than putting together amino acids by some primitive means into protein. b.?he creationists put up a huge fuss over the possibility of creating a human being. c.?NA makes protein, but protein is needed to make DNA. d.?he creation of protein from amino acids requires too much energy.Question 36Eastern psychologists state that our experiences are identified through seven major centers. This differs from the Western psychologists. What are these seven centers? (Select all that apply)Choose one answer. a.?upramental body b.?eridians c.?hakra points d.?theric body Question 37We exist and live in our mind, the psyche. When we compare the animal and plant kingdoms with ourselves, it stands to reason that all things that happen to us are contained right in the living cell. Therefore, a single cell has feelings, and this is the basis of how it is cognized. The 18th century biologist Stahl said that what differentiates life from material mechanistic motion is a certain criterion. What was his criterion for distinguishing between the living and nonliving?Choose one answer. a.?he ability to love b.?he ability to think c.?he ability to suffer d.?he ability to feel indifferenceQuestion 38Paul Davies wrote “Cosmic Blueprint, ” in which he explains the difficulty of chaos theory in producing the kind of order that life exhibits. Which of the following statements explain his argument? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?he specificity is much too much to expect from order-within-chaos theories or chaos theory. b.?he specificity problem is overcome once we achieve the energy level requirements found with nuclear fusion. c.?he specificity that life has, the order that it has, is a very specific and very elaborate order, this genetic kind of thing. d.?he specificity we find in life can be replicated with a supercomputer with the power to data crunch huge amounts of possibilities.Question 39What are the three problematic aspects of possible interrelations between consciousness and quantum mechanics, according to Kamenshcihik and Tervaev? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?oes quantum theory help to explain the origin of consciousness? b.?s consciousness necessary for the very existence of quantum theory? c.?oes life have anything to do with Quantum Theory? d.?s quantum theory necessary for the very existence of consciousness?Question 40Sheldrake answers the question of how cells communicate at a distance without a signal. Although we know that the communication is nonlocal and thus signal-less, what is the organizing principle causing this phenomenon? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?mpathy b.?he morphogenetic field c.?he genetic field d.?elepathyQuestion 41What is another example, besides photosynthesis, of quantum effects in nature? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?ome enzyme-catalysed reactions in which protons move from one molecule to another by quantum-mechanical phenomenon. b.? quantum-mechanical phenomenon of tunnelling, in which a particle passes through an energy barrier rather than having to muster the energy to climb over it. c.?he feline’s capacity to maintain muscles activated for prolonged periods of time. d.?he chemical excitation of molecules, which releases energy.Question 42In physics the need for a variational principle states that with an initial configuration A and a final configuration B corresponding to a specified time, the one that is actually occurring is distinguished by the smallest value of a physical quantity, in comparison to every possible slightly modified path. Thus, the Least Action principle plays this role since all the fundamental laws of physics can be derived from it. In biology the principle of Least Action does not determine the gross behavior of living organisms. What needs to be added to the Least Action principle for biology in order to complete the theoretical framework worked out by theoretical physics? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?reatest Action principle b.?iological Teleology c.?hermodynamic Equilibrium. d.?east Action principle Question 43How did Rupert Sheldrake explain the role of vital energy? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?he morphogenetic fields are originally possibilities, and when we consciously collapse them, they are manifested and we experience a feeling which is vital energy. b.?t is a concept better suited to ancient healing methods such as acupuncture. c.?t is the vital blueprints from which the organs are formed. d.?ital energy is a concept that needs to be resolved before proceeding. Question 44The collective unconscious of an entire species is developed over a long extension of time. Lamarckism states the idea of acquired characteristics. Which of the following statements reflects the quantum explanation of the collective unconscious? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?n quantum creativity, those possibilities that are used repeatedly become more reinforced in the unconscious and can be used in the future. b.?ll things are possibilities of consciousness. Things that are used again and again become stable and become part of the collective unconscious of a species. c.?he evo-devo Darwinists state that the collective unconscious is a myth proposed by psychology. d.?he steps of the ladder for mental culture take information from one generation to another.Question 45Alan Aspay conducted experiments in 1982. Which of the following statements reflect his findings? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?bjects can communicate faster than the speed of light. b.? domain of reality exists outside of space and time where relativity does not hold. c.?wo objects can communicate instantly using the domain of potentiality. d.?n order to understand the implications of quantum potential, one must understand the nature of water.Question 46In their article, Neill Lambert et al. evaluated Functional Quantum Biology experimental and theoretical research. What was the subject matter of the experiments? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?eeding habits of salt water fish b.?ecision-making ability of rats under maze conditions c.?hotosynthesis of plants d.?adical-pair magnetoreception of avian migration navigationQuestion 47The answer to the origin of the universe is resolved by Amit Goswami when he explains eternity and the never-changing reality question. Which of the following statements present his reasoning? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?f’ everything that ever can happen has already happened’ is included, then there is no place to move. Everything is included. b.?ne must explain the role of God in order to reach an understanding of the universe. c.?he never-changing eternal reality is that a reality where consciousness includes every possibility, past, present, future and everything, is included. d.?uantum physics cannot explain the never-changing reality of the universe.Question 48How does evolution or change occur? How does eternity impose limitations on itself? Which of the following statements explain this concept? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?ternity has to impose limitations on itself because without this, there would not be any scope for change. b.?e see a target limitation, which is the limitation of our logical form and function. Only those possibilities are permitted that will be studied within the specific biological forms and functions, which will then be manifested in the form of various bases. c.?e are choosers; we give meaning to the archetypes, such as love and truth. The meaning of these archetypes becomes alive in us and becomes important for us. d.?onsciousness becomes law bound: laws of the mind, laws of the vital energies, laws of the supplemental.Question 49When we develop a worldview of primacy of consciousness rather than primacy of matter, what implications toward healing will occur? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.? shift from the physical body orientation toward integrated medicine. b.?isease will no longer be an issue since it will not exist. c.?ooking toward the whole being rather than just the symptoms. d.?ontinued focus on the symptoms to resolve illness.Question 50Darwin’s theory is based on natural selection. Which of the following are the necessary prongs that make it plausible? (Select all that apply)Choose at least one answer. a.?ecessity of survival b.?hance mutation c.?ong time scale d.?ereditary components ?cienceHealth ScienceNUR HEALTH ASSShare Question

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