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QuestionAnswered step-by-stepThe guarantee of informed conse

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QuestionAnswered step-by-stepThe guarantee of informed consent can be traced to the first ten points in the _____.Group of answer choicesConsumer Bill of RightsNuremberg CodeConstitution5th?mendmentKyoto Treaty?lag question: Question 5Question 55?tsAll of the following are unethical activities except _____.Group of answer choicesviolating nondisclosure agreementsrevealing the names of research participantsstating that a survey will take 10 minutes to complete when the actual time is 15 minutesinvoicing for time that was not spent on the projectproviding incentives for respondents?lag question: Question 6Question 65?tsWhich of the following is necessary for a code of ethics to be effective?Group of answer choicesRegulative natureProtective of public interestEnforceableBehavior-specificProtective of the interests of the profession?lag question: Question 7Question 75?ts_____ variables product data that fit into three or more categories with specific assigned values.Group of answer choicesDichotomousDiscreteOperationalIndependentContinuous?lag question: Question 8Question 85?tsAll of the following are examples of dichotomous variables?xcept?____.Group of answer choicesemployed-unemployedmale-femalenumber of children in the householdmarried-unmarriedall of the above are dichotomous variables?lag question: Question 9Question 95?tsBecause of the nature of induction, the conclusion can be thought of as _____.Group of answer choicesfactone explanation among manyproofevidenceempirical?lag question: Question 10Question 105?tsDirect observation of phenomena, empirically testable hypotheses, and the ability to rule out rival hypotheses are all essential tenets of the _____.Group of answer choicesexperiential methodscientific methodintuitive processstrategic management processaccount planning philosophy?lag question: Question 11Question 115?tsThe question, “Should products be withdrawn if even one death is associated with its prescribed use, even if no fault for the tampered product accrues to the manufacturer?” is an example of a(n) _____.Group of answer choicesill-defined problemstrip data mining issuefavored-technique problemunresearchable questionpolitically-motivated question?lag question: Question 12Question 125?tsQuestions that the researcher must answer to satisfactorily arrive at a conclusion about the research question are called _____ questions.Group of answer choicesmanagementresearchinvestigativemeasurementhypothetical?lag question: Question 13Question 135?tsData have many characteristics. If data are changing due to passage of time, you are describing their level of ______.Group of answer choicesabstractnesselusivenessverifiabilitycloseness to the phenomenonreplicability?lag question: Question 14Question 145?tsWhich of the following is an example of a primary source of information?Group of answer choicesCensus dataNewspaper articlesEncyclopediasGoogle searchesInternal sales reports?lag question: Question 15Question 155?tsThe first step in the data mining process is to _____.Group of answer choicesidentify relationships within the datamodify or transform datadecide between census data and sample datadevelop a model to explain the data relationshipstest the model’s accuracy?lag question: Question 16Question 165?tsOne of the investigative questions identified in the BankChoice project questions the perceived service quality associated with different bank branches. This is an example of a(n) _____.Group of answer choicesbehavioral issuesperformance considerationsattitudinal issuesmeasurement issuesmanagerial considerations?lag question: Question 17Question 175?tsWhich of the following questions is considered when developing measurement questions?Group of answer choicesHow can management eliminate negative symptoms?What does the manager need to know to choose the best alternative from the available sources of action?What is the recommended course of action?What symptoms cause management concern?What should be asked or observed to obtain the information the manager needs??lag question: Question 18Question 185?tsWhich type of research attempts a precise measurement of some behavior, knowledge, opinion, or attitude?Group of answer choicesQuantitativeQualitativeExploratoryCross-sectionalLongitudinal?lag question: Question 19Question 195?tsParticipants in a study designed to identify symbolic benefits associated with Sutter Home wines are shown a photograph of a man eating at an upscale restaurant. The man in the picture is alone and has a glass of wine with his mea. The participants are asked to describe how the person in the picture feels and thinks. This is an example of a(n) _____ projective technique.Group of answer choicespicture associationempty balloonsthematic apperception testimagination exercisepersonification?lag question: Question 20Question 205?tsAll of the following statements about determining the number of group interviews are true except _____.Group of answer choicesthe broader the issue, the more groups neededthe larger the number of distinct market segments of interest, the more groups neededthe greater the level of detail, the more groups neededthe more homogeneous the market segment, the more groups neededthe larger the number of new ideas desired, the more groups needed?lag question: Question 21Question 215?tsWhich of the following attributes must be identified using inferential observation?Group of answer choicesSelling points presentedLength of sales meetingTime and day of weekSalesperson credibilityCustomer purchase decision?lag question: Question 22Question 225?tsJane took on a second-shift as observer in the observation study of restaurant patrons. As she becomes fatigued, _____ is more likely to occur.Group of answer choicesobserver driftgroupthinkdevil’s advocatehalo effectself-serving bias?lag question: Question 23Question 235?tsNonverbal observation includes the recording of _____.Group of answer choicestemporal stylelinguisticsproxemicskinesicsmotor expressions?lag question: Question 24Question 245?tsWhich term refers to the process of transforming concepts and constructs into measurable variables suitable for testing?Group of answer choicesGeneralizationControlHypotheticalOperationalizationTransformation?lag question: Question 25Question 255?tsIf levels of attrition are high among study participants, _____ will threaten the internal validity of the study.Group of answer choiceshistorymaturationtestinginstrumentationmortality?lag question: Question 26Question 265?tsTo operationalize an experiment, all ____ must be predetermined.Group of answer choicessteps in the experimentconstruct and concept definitionsresearcher assignmentsall of the abovenone of the above?lag question: Question 27Question 275?tsWhich of the following is an example of a one-group pre-test post-test experimental design?Group of answer choicesStore traffic is measured following the announcement of a clearance saleStore traffic is measured; a sale is announced; store traffic is measured againPeople who saw an ad are compared to people who didn’t see the ad on their attitude toward the brandRandom assignment is used to divide participants into the control and experimental groups; a control group responds to a pre-test on brand preferences and a post-test; an experimental group responds to a pre-test, is exposed to a commercial for the brand, and responds to a post-testRandom assignment is used to divide participants into control and experimental groups; the experimental group is exposed to a commercial and then attitude toward the brand is measured; attitude toward the brand is also measured for the control group?lag question: Question 28Question 285?tsYour instructor provides to each student a URL link via email to a course evaluation following the last class session. Sally accessed her university intranet and completes the survey using her iPad. This is an example of a _____.Group of answer choicesSelf-administered surveyComputer-assisted self-interview (CASI)Electronic e-mail surveyMobile/web surveyNone of the above?lag question: Question 29Question 295?tsThe respondents’ perceptions that the interviewer will not be able to discern their identity refers to the _____.Group of answer choicesresponse ratesocial desirability respondingperception of anonymityrefusal rateincidence rate?lag question: Question 30Question 305?tsDavid’s Bridal is conducting a survey of the trends in dress preferences among women who will marry sometime in the next 12 months. Questionnaires were mailed to 100,000 women but only 1,000 responded resulting in a response rate of 1%. This study is threatened by _____.Group of answer choicesnonresponse errorresponse errorsampling errormeasurement errorcoverage error?lag question: Question 31Question 315?ts_____ is the extent to which a measurement tool actually measures what we wish to measure.Group of answer choicesReliabilityValidityPracticalitySignificanceStandardization?lag question: Question 32Question 325?tsWhich of the following types of validity refers to the extent to which measurement scales provide adequate coverage of the investigative questions?Group of answer choicesExternalContentCriterion-relatedConstructDiscriminant?lag question: Question 33Question 335?tsConvergent validity and discriminant validity are components of _____ validity.Group of answer choicesexternalinternalcriterion-relatedconstructcontent?lag question: Question 34Question 345?tsWhat type of data is produced by summated rating scales?Group of answer choicesNominalOrdinalIntervalRatioNominal and interval?lag question: Question 35Question 355?tsPaired comparison scales result in _____ data.Group of answer choicesnominalordinalintervalratioabsolute?lag question: Question 36Question 365?tsWhat type of data is produced by constant-sum scales?Group of answer choicesNominalOrdinalIntervalRatioNominal and interval?lag question: Question 37Question 375?tsWhich of the following is a multiple-choice, single-response scale?Group of answer choicesYes, noAgree, disagreeStrongly agree, agree, neither, disagree, strongly disagreeImportant, unimportantMale, female?lag question: Question 38Question 385?tsQuestions in Web surveys often use drop-down boxes as a manner of displaying the response choices for a question. This type of display method is particularly prone to _____.Group of answer choiceshalo effectsleniency effectsprimacy effectsrecency effectspresumption effects?lag question: Question 39Question 395?tsWhen target questions present the participants with a fixed set of choices, they are _____.Group of answer choicesunstructuredundisguisedstructureddisguisedopen-ended?lag question: Question 40Question 405?tsAll of the following questions must be answered prior to designing a questionnaire except _____Group of answer choicesWhat type of scale is needed to perform the desired analysis to answer the management question?What data collection mode will be used?Should the question be structured, unstructured, or some combination?Should the questioning be disguised or undisguised?How will the results be translated into managerial recommendations?BusinessMB 554Share Question

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