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QuestionAnswered step-by-stepuestion 1(1 point) Saved Regist

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QuestionAnswered step-by-stepuestion 1(1 point) Saved Registered practical nurses are not…uestion 1?1 point)?avedRegistered practical nurses are not allowed to supervise support workers.?uestion 1 options:TrueFalseQuestion 2?1 point)?avedWhat should a CCA do if they find a client’s history to inaccurate beQuestion 2 options:Report findings to the nurse for them to make changesCorrect the history dataChange how you provide careBring the concern to your manager as the nurse must be disciplinedQuestion 3?1 point)? Primary Care Nurse:Question 3 options:Care for clients in a primary or grade school levelPerforms only the basic care a client needsIs responsible for the total and ongoing care of a clientPrimarily works during the week and not on weekendsQuestion 4?1 point)?avedWhich type of assessment describes reporting exactly what you measure or observe?Question 4 options:BasicClinicalObjectiveSubjectiveQuestion 5?1 point)?t is ok to discuss work problems with your clients as long as you do not use proper names.?uestion 5 options:TrueFalseQuestion 6?1 point)?hat are some of the challenges to working on a team??uestion 6 options:Recognizing role boundariesHaving opportunities for communicationMaking better decisionsWorking with people who have a wide array of abilitiesQuestion 7?1 point)?avedWhich of the following is NOT an appropriate reason for a Support Worker to refuse a task? He or she:?uestion 7 options:Knows the task will require staying at work lateDoe snot like the nurse who asked him or her to perform the task.?oes not know the client or residentIs not trained to perform the task safely?uestion 8?1 point)?avedTwo duties which fall within the CCA’s scope of practice are performing range of motion exercises and encouraging deep-breathing and coughing exercises.Question 8 options:TrueFalseQuestion 9?1 point)?hich of the following statements is?RUE?bout a delegated task?Question 9 options:You can refuse to do it if you are busyEven if you are unsure, you need to do it. Ask questions later.?ou can ignore the request and walk awayIn certain circumstances, you have the right to say no.?uestion 10?1 point)? resident of a different culture tells you that you don’t understand how they feel?ecause you don’t know their culture. What is an appropriate response by the CCA at this time?Question 10 options:Encourage the resident to discuss their cultureFind a CCA who is of the same culture to care for the residentNote that the resident is very defensive about being culturally differentAsk the resident, ‘why do you think that since we just met?’Question 11?1 point)?avedOnly a nurse can delegate a task to youQuestion 11 options:TrueFalseQuestion 12?1 point)?avedWhen you are agree to perform a task you are responsible for your own actions.?uestion 12 options:TrueFalseQuestion 13?1 point)?avedElderly clients may have trouble with regulating their body temperature and may often feel coldQuestion 13 options:TrueFalseQuestion 14?1 point)?elegating is the same as supervisingQuestion 14 options:TrueFalseQuestion 15?6 points)?atch the terms with the correct definitionQuestion 15 options:123456The nurse on duty for that shift?23456A function you perform for the client?23456To work together toward a common goal?23456The legal right123456Transfer of function123456Assess the client’ needs in the community?.Delegation2.Task3.Case manager4.Collaborate5.Charge nurse6.AuthorityQuestion 16?5 points)?atch the correct Right of Delegation with the question the support worker should themselves before performing an assigned task.?uestion 16 options:12345Do I have concerns about performing the task??2345Was I trained to do the task?12345Do I feel competent in performing the task>?2345Did I review the task with a nurse??2345Is a nurse available if the client’s condition changes or if problems occur?1.Right task2.Right circumstances3.Right person4.Right directions and communications5.Right supervision and evaluation?uestion 17?1 point)?hen considering cultural competence, there are areas that the CCA mustdevelop knowledge of to understand the health care needs of others. What are these areas?Question 17 options:The culture of the patient or residentHis or her own cultureCultural and ethnic valuesAll of the aboveQuestion 18?1 point)?oris is about to perform a delegated task and realizes that there is no nurse nearby. To which of the five rights of delegation does this relate? The right:Question 18 options:TaskPersonCircumstanceSupervisionQuestion 19?1 point)?What method of assessment utilizes observation?Question 19 options:ViewingAuscultationPalpitationInspectionQuestion 20?1 point)?avedWhen the nurse delegates a task to a Support Worker who is accountable for the delegated task??uestion 20 options:The DoctorThe nurseThe Case ManagerThe Support WorkerQuestion 21?1 point)?avedYou may refuse a delegated task if you do not want to do the task.?uestion 21 options:TrueFalseQuestion 22?1 point)?hich of the following is an example of a delegated task?Question 22 options:Inserting a rectal suppositoryPerforming range of motion excercisesCommunicating effectively with clientsUsing a mechanical liftQuestion 23?1 point)?upport Workers are allowed to perform procedures below the skin surface.?uestion 23 options:TrueFalseQuestion 24?1 point)?hich of the follow activities would NOT be acceptable while you are at work??uestion 24 options:Planning to eat lunch with your sister?eaving a half hour early for a doctor’s appointmentMaking a copy of your paycheque on the photocopierNone of the aboveQuestion 25?1 point)?he CCA is setting up an information session at the local long term care facility on falls. Which strategy would reflect consideration of aging changes that may exist with these clients?Question 25 options:Show a colorful video about fallsGive the clients pamphlets to readPresent the information quickly in the dining room at lunch timeDevelop large-print handouts that reflect the verbal information presented.Question 26?1 point)?avedWhich of the following is NOT one of the five rights?Question 26 options:Right equipmentRight circumstancesRight directions and communicationRight supervisionQuestion 27?1 point)?efore a task is delegated, both the nurse and the personal care provider must consider which of the following factor(s)?Question 27 options:That the CCA will be able to perform the task without any supervision at allWhether the doctor approves of the delegationWhether the CCA wants to take on extra work in addition to their work loadThe nature of the task and the condition of the clientQuestion 28?1 point)?hat is an important part of obtaining a history?Question 28 options:Collect only objective dataEstablish rapportUse vague termsFocus on the concerns of the individual take the historyScienceHealth ScienceShare Question

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