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QuestionCase study: You are a bookkeeper at a firm that spec

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QuestionCase study: You are a bookkeeper at a firm that specialises in… Case study:You are a bookkeeper at a firm that specialises in providing bookkeeping, accounting and taxation services, as well as ad-hoc special projects. Your manager has asked you to assist one of the firm’s clients, Hello Blooms, introduce cloud computing into their business operations.Felicity is the owner of Hello Blooms. She started her lifelong dream of owning a florist a few years ago. But this is not your average florist. Different from other florists, she offers only one style of flowers each day at a set price of $42 per bunch. Why? Because by buying large volumes of singular flowers, it allows her to buy competitively, in season, and ultimately keeps her offerings simple and easy to manage. Flowers are sold to the public, cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels. Sales in the 2019 financial year were $800,000 with a profit after tax of $105,000.They are thinking of expanding into other products like pot plants. Similarly, only one style of plant will be offered per day. Staff.The business is owned and operated by Felicity. Regina is the office manager who manages the day to day incoming and outgoing calls and orders. There are 2 full-time florists, a driver, a receptionist who manually processes orders and a dedicated buyer who visits the markets every morning at 4 am.Hello Blooms has a basic website which displays the photos of the flowers each day, but most of the advertising is done on Instagram and Facebook. The receptionist is responsible for uploading the photos each day.?ustomers can only call the office to place orders, and a manual system is used for recording all sales and expenses. The business is growing at a rapid rate because of the great exposure on Instagram. It has become clear to the Felicity that continuing with a manual ordering and accounting system is neither efficient nor practical. Felicity is responsible for general business, planning and the operational activities of the business. She currently uses Microsoft Excel to record and summarise all the business transactions.?egina looks after products and the creative side, such as keeping up with colour and style trends. In the 2020 business plan they identified the following:?????row product range to include daily pot plant line ?????020 flower sales to grow by 10% ?????020 pot plant sales target -$50,000 ?????mplementation of a new computerised accounting system?????lexible work arrangements for Felicity, the office manager, and the buyer.The office consists of two 5-year-old desktop computers. One for the owner to use and the other for the office manager, Regina, to use to complete her responsibilities. To access the website, there is a basic internet connection using a phone line from Optus costing $90 per month. There are often issues when orders are taken late in the afternoon and these have not been properly communicated to the buyer who attends the market at 4 am. Because of this lack of communication, sales are often lost due to insufficient flowers having been purchased on that day. Having a system where the buyer could see the latest orders is considered critical.Felicity would like the flexibility to work from home in the afternoon after an early start at the business. Currently, all of the paperwork has to be processed at the office making working from home difficult. Felicity often stays back once a week to pay all the bills and pay her staff but would like to be able tofrom home. Once a month Felicity meets with Regina to discuss business issues and the direction the business is heading.?t their last meeting they came up with potential benefits and costs of introducing a new computerised cloud accounting system: ?????wo new desktops @ $2,200 each (replace the old ones)?????ost sales recovered due to improved communication (100 orders per year ?$42)?????hree new tablets @ $700 each (one each for the owners, and one for the flower buyer)?????roductivity improvements ($100 per day ?280 days)?????mproved internet ($130 per month)?????ew accounting software (they need help with this one)?????taff will need to be replaced or trained out of hours ($50 per hour for 8 hours ?all staff)?????ngoing training in the subsequent year ($1,500)?????ravel time saved not having to return to the office to process payroll and invoices -($30 ?48 weeks)?????rofessional IT assistance to project manage and implement systems $10,000. Part 1: Review computing needs in the business and investigate cloud computing services to meet business needsOnce you have completed the tasks for Part 1 below, you are required to submit these to your assessor for feedback before commencing the other parts of this assessment and submit this assessment online via the TAFE NSW online learning platform. Upload all the required assessment files in the assessment area on the online learning platform. Alternatively, hand all required assessment files to your assessor for marking.To complete the following tasks, you will need to use the Business Case template provided to you in student resource file BSBSMB412_AE_CS_2of3_SR_SampleBusinessCase.docx.Task 1Using the information from the Hello Blooms case study provided above, determine the following:?????dentify the current computing resources being used?????valuate how the current resources are being used?????etermine required business computing resource needs?????iscuss any organisational policies and procedures that will need to be developed prior to implementation of cloud computing and any legal/legislative requirements to be considered.You can record this directly into Section 2 (background) of the business case template.Task 2Having reviewed the current computing systems and requirements of the business, you now need to detail the future computer needs and potential improvements that a cloud computing system will make to business operations. Record your response in Section 4 of the Business Case template. Task 3To provide the appropriate recommendations and services to the client you need to research the variety of cloud computing services that are available and use this information to determine which services/products best suit Hello Blooms.?.???esearch the following:a.???ypes of cloud computing services appropriate for Hello Blooms (attach this research as Appendix 1 of the Business case)b.???ummary of the costs of the identified services (attach this research as Appendix 1 of the Business case, note that this research will be used in Task 4 below cost benefit analysis)c.???potential opportunities and risks associated with these cloud computing services (summarise this research into sections 5 and 6 of your Business case)d.???rganisational requirements that need to be adhered to (attach this research as Appendix 1 of the Business case)e.???egal requirements for introducing cloud computing (attach this research as Appendix 1 of the Business case).2.???ontact a specialist advisor, such as one of the cloud computing service providers you researched in Task 3.1a. You are communicating with the service provider to determine the most relevant service for Hello Bloom. You will need to provide evidence of this communication.?his may be in the form of an email, details of a telephone conversation, or screenshot of an online chat. Attach this evidence as Appendix 2 of the Business case.Task 4Using the template provided in BSBSMB412_AE_CS_2of3_SR_SampleCostBenefitBudget.xls, and the research you conducted in task 3b costs and 3c opportunities tocost-benefit analysis for the recommended future cloud computing services. Insert this spreadsheet into section 3 of the Business Case. Task 5Complete the remaining sections of the business case (Introduction and Recommendations), attach all required Appendixes, and submit to your manager (assessor) for feedback and approval before proceeding with Part 3. Use the Assessment checklist 1 in Part 2 for the criteria that you will be marked for in this part of this assessment.AccountingBusinessFinancial AccountingACCOUNITNG BSBSMB412

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