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Questioncourse code :dental assistingProjectYou are required

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Questioncourse code :dental assistingProjectYou are required to conduct research into diversity at the workplace.? report to your manager on how you can foster respect for diversity within your team.?If you are not currently working, use a hypothetical business.?Your report should address each of the following:1.????our research into the types of diversity that are commonplace in an organisation2.????ow you can personally demonstrate your respect for differences in the team3.????trategies for being proactive and addressing potential issues (such as tensions due to differences) within the team in regard to diversity, addressing language, cultural barriers, etc.4.????hat the advantages of being a diverse workforce will be for the business in the future5.????hat recommendations you will make to the business to promote a culturally safe and more inclusive workforceQuality outcomesEnsure that your submission is?i)????rammatically correct?ii)???Error-free(iii)??In simple English?iv)???omprises of an average of 15 words for each sentence with,?vi)???eparate headings and paragraphs for each new content/topic for discussion.??nclude references to relevant legislation, which must be defined and explained.Attach any models, tools, resources which could be used in an organisation to improve the situation presented. (Tip:?Read all text aloud to identify any gaps and correct, and ask another person to proofread to check for accuracy – before you submit).Your document should comprise of:(i)????ntroduction (an overview of the situation, what you are trying to achieve and your intended outcomes.?Refer to the format required, which is a comprehensive report.(ii)???Body (or most significant part of the presentation, with key details).?Please do not use the word “body” as a heading.?This is the largest part of your submission.?Use headings that are relevant, include templates, tools and charts where appropriate.?For each heading, discuss and demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of this unit.?Reflect on what you have learned.?Refer to risks, costs (if relevant), legislation, models, or templates or resources that you are aware of, and then finally,(iii)??Conclusion (or recommendations).?Use an appropriate heading and then state actions which could be taken to ensure correct completion and finalisation.ScienceHealth Science

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