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Questiondata link -… data link – review – solve all this questions a. State which measures are being analysed – i. IV is GENDER, ii. DV is VACCINE HESITANCYb. State the analysis used.c. Report assumption tests as per your workbook example: i. Shapiro-Wilk test for normality, and Levene’s test for homogeneity of variances.d. Report the ANOVA omnibus test and eta squared.e. report post-hoc tests in the form of Tukey HSD only, and then only if the omnibus test is significant (note that there is no need to report effect sizes for these comparisons).f. Report means and SDs as appropriate. g. Report all tests of the hypothesis and nominate whether they are significant.2. Discussion a. Restate the study aim in a sentence or two (the aim you proposed in literature review).b. Interpret results in relation to hypotheses. Do not report statistical outcomes in the discussion. Use words to describe outcomes instead. This reporting should only take two to three sentences.c. Relate results to the literature presented in Literature Review. i. Briefly restate what your reviewed past research found. ii. State whether the results of your study are consistent with or contradictory to this past research. Explain why and in what way.d. Provide a methodological strength of the study (one is sufficient) and explain how and why it is a strength.e. Provide at least two key limitations or issues with the study design, method, or procedure that may have impacted the results. Explain how these were limitations in being able to draw conclusions, and how these issues could be solved in a future replication of the study.f. Finish by highlighting the implications of your work by providing a statement about the novelty of the investigation and/or findings, or what the results mean practically (in the real world).You need to analyse the data in spssMathStatistics and ProbabilitymatlabSTATS 243

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