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QuestionImage transcription textFlow Sheet of Total Iron (Fe

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QuestionImage transcription textFlow Sheet of Total Iron (Fer) estimation 0.5 gm sample in a 250 ml beaker Add 15 ml H:O & 15 ml HCIKeep on a hot plate till digestion Transfer in a 250 ml round bottom flask and make a vol. of 250 ml Add H,O tomake a vol. of 250 ml Add few drops of HCI Take 25 ml soln. in a conical flask and boil Add Sn Cl, … Show more… Show moreVolumetric Method for Estimation of Total CarbonProcedure:0.5 gm sample is weighed out and dissolved in a 250 ml. beaker with 25ml.(1:1) HCl and H2O.After one hour digestion the solution is cooled and diluted to a volume of 250ml.25 ml. of the solution is taken out in a conical flask and a few drops of HCl areadded.The solution is then heated to boiling.Stannous chloride solution is added to it drop by drop with constant shaking tillthe yellow colour changes to almost colourlesss.It is then cooled quickly to avoid oxidation.20 ml. of HgCl2 solution is added. A silky white precipitate is formed.Then again 20 ml. Acid mixture is added (To get a sharp end point duringtitration).2 – 3 drops of diphenylamine indicator is added (To get a sharp colur duringtitration).The solution is titrated with 0.1 N K2Cr2O7 solution.The end point is indicated by the appearance of deep blue colour.1 ml. of 1N K2Cr2O7 soln. = 0.05585 gm. of Fe.% FeT = Vol. of K2Cr2O7 soln.(ml.) ?11.17The solution required:1. 0.1 N standard K2Cr2O7 solution2. SnCl2 solution: 50 gm. SnCl2 was dissolved in a 200 ml. conc. HCl andthen made up to one litre by adding water3. A saturated solution of HgCl2 in water at room temperature4. Diphenylamine indicator: 1 gm. in 100 ml. conc. H2SO45. Acid mixture: H2SO4 + H3PO4 + H2O (15:15:70).report must haveTheoryChemical reactionRequired ApparatusRequired chemicalsCalculationReferenceEngineering & TechnologyChemical EngineeringMSE 2220

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