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QuestionImage transcription textQuestion 7 JSON has more par

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QuestionImage transcription textQuestion 7 JSON has more parsing complexity than KMjilliAn TrueFalse Question B What is one advantage XML has over JSON? OXML parsing is simpler than isON parshut XML parse … Show more… Show moreImage transcription textQuestion 2a. ‘Consider the followinggrammar {3 points] expression?*term| term+expression| te… Show more… Show more[06:55, 31/08/2021] Mum Tania: The distance function needs to be modified to account for the rotation invariance ofshape matching. This is achieved by comparing all cyclic shifts of one time series tothe other. The rotation invariant distance can be captured by Eq. 16.1.2. In some applications, mirror image invariance also needs to be accounted for. In suchcases, all cyclic shifts and their reversals need to be included in the aforementionedcomparison. The outliers are determined with respect to this enhanced database.While a vanilla k-nearest neighbor detector can determine the outliers correctly, theapproach can be made faster by pruning. The basic idea is similar to the Hotsax methoddiscussed in Chap. 14, where a nested loop structure is used to maintain the top-n outliers.The outer loop corresponds to the selection of different candidates, and the inner loop corresponds to the computation of the k-nearest neighbors of each of these candidates. Theinner loop can be terminated early, when the k-nearest neighbor value is less than the nthbest outlier found so far. For optimal performance, the candidates in the outer loop and thecomputations in the inner loop need to be ordered appropriately.This ordering is performed as follows. A combination of the SAX representation andLSH-hashing is used to create clusters on the candidates. Candidates which map to clusterswith few members are examined first in the outer loop to discover high quality outliersearly in the algorithm execution.[06:55, 31/08/2021] Mum Tania: Implement the basic algorithm for subgraph isomorphism with no pruning optimizations. Test it by trying to match pairs of randomly generated graphs, containing avarying number of nodes. How does the running time vary with the size of the graph?4. Compute the Morgan indices of order 1 and 2, for each node of the acetaminophengraph of Fig. 17.1. How does the Morgan index vary with the labels (correspondingto chemical elements)?5. Write a computer program to compute each of the topological descriptors of a graphdiscussed in this chapter.6. Write a computer program to execute the node-based candidate growth for frequentsubgraph discovery. Refer to the bibliographic notes, if needed, for the paper describingspecific details of the algorithm.7. Write a …Image transcription textQuestion 4(24 points) Consider the following grammar. E -> E orTIT T -> T and NF | NF NF -> not NF | F F – > ( E ) I X 1. Givea left-most derivation of the sentence: not (x or not x)… Show more… Show moreImage transcription textQUESTION 1 10 poi Consider thefollowing grammar G. S – F H F- pl c H-d lc Where S, F and H are… Show more… Show moreEngineering & TechnologyComputer ScienceCOMPSCI 298

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