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QuestionPlease help in answering the following questions rel

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QuestionPlease help in answering the following questions related to the description below:In the following series of titrations, we will use potassium permanganate, KMnO4, as the titrant. The permanganate ion, MnO4-, is colored deep purple. It is also a powerful oxidizing agent. Upon reaction, it is reduced to the colorless Mn2+?on. We will use the permanganate ion to react with the ferrous ion (Fe2+), from ferrous sulfate (FeSO4). In this reaction, Fe2+?s converted to Fe3+. The reaction takes place in acidic medium.(1) How many moles of ferrous ions will react with one mole of permanganate? (input a number)(2) Titration of a standard sample of 0.2504 g FeSO4?MW = 151.91) with a KMnO4?olution consumed 32.45 mL of the permanganate solution. The reaction is performed in 0.1 M sulfuric acid. What is the molarity of the permanganate solution in?Mol/L? (Use the proper number of significant figures)(3) If your titrant concentration is 0.01567 M, about how many mL would one tablet of this sample consume in acidic medium? (use the proper number of significant figures)(4) If you titrate with KMnO4?oo rapidly, or if the reaction is performed at neutral pH, the product MnO2?a black precipitate) would form instead of the almost colorless Mn2+. In the MnO2-producing reaction, how many moles of Fe2+?ould react with one mole of permanganate?(5) If the permanganate titration is performed in a strongly basic solution, manganate (MnO42-) is produced. In the manganate-producing reaction, how many electrons are consumed by permanganate?(6) A titration is performed to determine the amount of oxalate (C2O42-) ion present in the sample. The oxalate ion is oxidized to carbon dioxide (CO2) by permanganate. A 500.00-mg sample containing oxalate was dissolved in 25.00 mL of 1.00-M NaOH. This sample is titrated by potassium permanganate (KMnO4). How many moles of permanganate will react with one mole of oxalate?ScienceChemistryCHEM ANALCHE

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