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QuestionQ2 Q3 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 Q10 Q11 Q12 Q13 Q15 Q16 Q17 Q18 Q19 Q2Image transcription text? ? ? The displacement vectors A and B shown in the ?gure below both have magnitudes of 2.45 m. The direction oF vector A is H = 19.5″. 9′ Ti Pl .1: 9 c) {a} Find 3 + Egraphically’. magnitude I: x Your response differsfrom the correct answer by more than 100%. m direction 0 counterclockwise From the +2: axis ?1 ?} {b} Find A ?B graphically. magnitude n1 direction 9 counterclockwise From the +2: axis ? ?1 {c} Find B ?A.graphically. magnitude n1 direction 9 counterclockwise From the +x axis ?1 ? {d} Find A ?2B graphically. magnitude n1 direction ‘1 counterclockwise From the +x axis … Show moreQ3Image transcription textAn engineer designs a roller coaster so that a car travels horizontally for 192 ft, then climbs 147 ft at an angle of 31.0 above the horizontal. It then moves 147 ft at an angle of 48.0 below the horizontal. If we take the initialhorizontal motion of the car to be along the +x-axis, what is the car’s displacement? (Give the magnitude of your answer, in ft, to at least four significant figures and give the direction of your answer in degreescounterclockwise from the +x-axis.) magnitude ft direction . counterclockwise from the +x-axis… Show moreQ5Image transcription textYou are standing on the ground at the origin of a coordinate system. An airplane flies over you with constant velocity parallel to the x axis and at a constant height of 6.00 x 10 m. At t = 0, the airplane is directly above you sothat the vector leading from you to it is P = 6.00 x 10 j m. At t = 30.0 s the position vector leading from you to the airplane is P. = (8.24 x 105i + 6.00 x 10*j) m as suggested in the figure below. Determine the magnitude andorientation of the airplane’s position vector at t = 55.0 s. magnitude m direction o above the horizontal Po P 30 i… Show moreQ6Image transcription text(a) A plane is initially flying at a speed of 280 mph east, when it runs into a stormy area where the wind blows at 110 mph in the direction 30.0 north of east. Calculate the new speed (in mph) and direction (in degrees north ofeast) of the plane relative to the ground. (Enter your answer accurate to at least one decimal place.) speed mph direction . north of east (b) What If? In what direction (in degrees south of east) should the plane aim to move sothat its net speed is eastward despite the wind? . south of east (c) What would be the speed (in mph) of the plane relative to the ground in this case? mph… Show moreQ7Image transcription textA ball rolls off the edge of a table. Let the time the ball leaves the table surface be t = 0. If the table is horizontal, its velocity as a function of time is given by v = 1.101 – 9.80tj, with v in m/s and t in s. The ball’s displacementfrom the edge of the table from t = 0 to t = 0.340 s (while it is in flight), is given by (0.340- Ar = v dt . Use this theorem to perform the integration: ( [ P + QR(x )] ax = p/ dx + Q / f(x) dx. Consider the units and unit vectors tobe the constants P and Q. Integrate to determine the ball’s displacement (in m) from the table edge at 0.340 s. (Express your answer in vector form. Do not include units in your answer.) Ar… Show moreQ8Image transcription text”I’nu are spending the summer as an assistant learning how to nayigate on a large sh carrying rre ht across Lake Erie. one day, you and your ship are to travel across the lake a d tance of 240 km traveling due north from yourorigin port to your das na on port. Just 3’s” you leave your origin port, the navigation electronics go down. The captain continues sailing, claiming he can depend on his years of experience on the water as a guide. Theengineers work on the navigation system while the ship continues to sail, and winds and waves push it oft course. Eventually, enough of the na gation system comes back up to tell you your location. The system t… Show more… Show moreQ9Image transcription text9 en as a function of me by :[t) x[t)| + y(f)]. w h x(t) 1.14 m. (a) Calcuiate the average velocity during the time interval from t : 2.15 s to t : 3.90 s. v = mls (b) Determine the velocity at t = 2.15 s. _, v : mls Determine the speed at t :2.15 5. E m … Show moreQ10Image transcription textA snowmobile is originally at the point with position vector 28.9 m at 95.0 counterclockwise from the x axis, moving with velocity 4.29 m/s at 40.0. It moves with constant acceleration 1.82 m/s at 2009. After 5.00 s haveelapsed, find the following. (a) its velocity vector V = m/s (b) its position vector r = m… Show moreQ11Image transcription textTo start an avalanche on a mountain slope. an artillery shell is lired with an in al velocity of 330 m/s at 58.0″ above the horizontal. it explodes on the mountainside 370 s after ?ring. what are the x and y coordinates of the shellwhere it explodes, relative to lie ?ring point? x m : m … Show moreQ12Q13Image transcription textldren playing n a playground on the ?at root at a c school lose their ball to the parking lot helow. One of the teachers cks the ball pack up to the ch ren as shown in the ?gure below. The playground is 5.90 m above theparking lot, and the school building’s vert eal wall is h = 7 zu m high, farming a 1 30 m high railing around the playground The ball is launched at an angle M a = 53m above the horizontal at a point d _ 24.0 m from the base nfthe building wall The ball takes 2.2:: s to reach a point vertically above the wall (Due to the nature of this problem, do not use rounded intermediate values in your calculationsiincluding answers submitted in Web… Show more… Show moreQ15Image transcription textA 2.30 kg lead ball is tied to a rope and spun in a circular path of mdius 1.10 m. The ball obtains a maximum speed of 1 1.0 mlsl what is the magnitude of the maximum radial acceleration (in m/sz) of the ball?:mz … Show moreQ16Image transcription textThis figure (la| = 20.5 m/s*) represents the total acceleration of a particle moving clockwise in a circle of radius r = 1.50 m at a certain instant of time. 30.0 (a) For that instant, find the radial acceleration of the particle. m/s2(toward the center) (b) For that instant, find the speed of the particle. m/s (c) For that instant, find its tangential acceleration. m/s (in the direction of the motion)… Show moreQ17Image transcription textA plane is flying to a city ?16 km directly north of its initial location. The plane maintains a speed of 168 km/h relative to the air during its flight. (a) If the plane flies through a constant headwind blowing south at 55.5 kmfh, howmuch time {in h} will it take to reach the City? :h {h} Ifinstead the plane flies through a constant tailwind blowing at 55.5 kmfh, how much time (in h) will it take to reach the city? :h (c) Ifinstead the plane flies through a constantcrosswind blowing east at 55.5 kmlh, how much time {in h} will it take to reach the city? :h … Show moreQ18Image transcription textA basketball player attempts a three-point shot 10.0 m from the basket as shown in the figure below. The player shoots the ball at an angle of 0 = 41.2 from horizontal, and releases the ball at a height of h = 1.96 m. The rim ofthe basket is at a height of H = 3.05 m. H -10.0 m (a) What is the acceleration (in m/s ) of the basketball at the highest point in its trajectory? magnitude m/s2 direction —Select— v (b) At what speed (in m/s) must the playerthrow the basketball so that the ball goes through the hoop without striking the backboard? m/s… Show moreQ19Image transcription textA farm truck moves due east with a constant velocity of 11.00 m/s on a limitless horizontal stretch of road. A boy riding on the hack of the truck throws a an of soda upward (see ?gure) and catches the proje le at the samelocation on the truck bed, but 13.0 m farther dawn the road. (a) 1n the frame or reference of the tmck, at what angle to the vertical does the boy throw the can? (b) what is the initial speed or the can relative to the truck? m/s(c) what is the shape of the can-s lrejeclury as seen by the buy? 0 a straight line segment upward and then downward O a symmetric section ora parabola opening downward An observer on the ground watches… Show more… Show moreEngineering & TechnologyMechanical Engineering

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