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QuestionQUESTION 1 What is the approximatesecondaryvoltage r

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QuestionQUESTION 1 What is the approximatesecondaryvoltage range of an…QUESTION 1What is the approximate?econdary?oltage range of an electronic air cleaner collector cell?24 volts600-1000 volts2,000- 5,000 volts9,000-12,000 volts1 points?QUESTION 2Through the use of a dry bulb thermometer and a wet bulb thermometer we can determine:air velocitybarometric pressureabsolute zerorelative humidity1 points?QUESTION 3A dirty cooling coil in a central gas fired furnace will:Frost the coil during summer.Cause the furnace to cycle on high limit in the winter.Be inefficient in both seasons.All of the above1 points?QUESTION 4When a gas furnace is used as an air handler for an air conditioning system it is not necessary to check the air filters in the summer.?rue?alse1 points?QUESTION 5The damper on a by-pass model humidifer should be closed for the summer months.?rue?alse1 points?QUESTION 6Latent heat transfer takes place when moisture on the surface of the skin evaporates.?rue?alse1 points?QUESTION 7Which device can be used to measure relative humidity?psychrometerpotentiometerbarometerincline manometer1 points?QUESTION 8Why must return duct transitions for electronic air cleaners be as gradual a design as possible?To ensure air cleaner is as high as possible.To ensure optimum air flow through the air cleaner.To ensure transition will fit the furnace.To ensure the air cleaner does not come into contact with the ductwork.1 points?QUESTION 9A non-bypass humidifier has it’s own fan.?rue?alse1 points?QUESTION 10Older plate or wick humidifiers provide humidity:All the time the fan is runningOnly when the fan is on low speedOnly when the fan is on high speedOnly when the humidistat calls.1 points?QUESTION 11A clogged primary or pre-filter on an electronic air cleaner may cause:Increased ozone productionFrosting of an A-coilCycling of the high limitAll of the above.1 points?QUESTION 12The main components of an electronic air cleaner are:Ionizing wires, high voltage transformer, and collector plates.Humidistat, ionizing wires, and collector platesThermostat, high voltage transformer, and ionizing wires.Ionizing wires, collector plates, and fan and limit control switch.1 points?QUESTION 13If the relative humidity of a room is increased in the winter months, the air temperature in the room must be increased to maintain the same level of comfort??rue?alse1 points?QUESTION 14Permanent media filters may require re-oiling as per the manufacturer.?rue?alse1 points?QUESTION 15Dew point can be described as the temperature to which air must be cooled to become saturated with water vapour.?rue?alse1 points?QUESTION 16The three types of media type air filters are:Multi-media, flow-thru, drum type.pleated, HEPA and fiberglass.Hi-boy, low-boy and horizontalPaper, cheesecloth and nylon1 points?QUESTION 17What happens when the humidistat for a flow-thru humidifier closes?The humidifier water solenoid valve opens.The humidifier motor starts to turn.The furnace fan starts, then the humidifier starts.The gas valve opens then the humidifier starts1 points?QUESTION 18Identify two problems associated with the water reservoir pan on a drum type humidifiermineral deposits and build up,bacteria developmentdrain blockagesboth A and B1 points?QUESTION 19Which device can be used to determine pressure drop across a cooling coil?hydrometerpotentiometerbarometerincline manometer1 points?QUESTION 20The?rimary?oltage for duct mounted electronic air cleaners is:20-30 volts120-130 volts220-240 volts9,000-12,000 volts1 points?QUESTION 21What is the recommended range of relative humidity in a house?10% to 20%20% to 25%35% to 45%55% to 60%1 points?QUESTION 22The following is a symptom of dry air conditions:dry skindamaged wood workirritated nasal passagesall of the above1 points?QUESTION 23As the number of occupants in a tightly constructed building increase, the:Relative humidity increases.Carbon monoxide level increases.Relative humidity decreases.Carbon monoxide level decreases.1 points?QUESTION 24Oil indications on a cooling coil could indicate:A refrigerant leakA condensation leakA carbon monoxide leakA nitrous oxide leak1 points?QUESTION 25Where should a furnace evaporator coil be mounted?In the supply air plenum near the furnace.In the return air plenum near the furnace.Downstream of the humidifier but near the furnace.Upstream of the condensate drain.1 points?QUESTION 26What must be ensured before electronic cells are removed for cleaning?Air proving switch must be openPre-filter must be removedCells must be de-energized and dischargedFan switch must be in the automatic position.1 points?QUESTION 27Which explains the best summer shut-down procedure for a drum type humidifier?shut off water supply, turn off humidistat.shut off water supply, turn off humidistat, close the by-pass duct.shut off water supply, turn off humidistat, drain the water pan, close the by-pass duct.shut off water supply, turn off humidistat, replace the steam cartridge, close the by-pass duct.1 points?QUESTION 28?he evaporator coil absorbs heat into the refrigeration system.?rue?alse1 points?QUESTION 29What condition produces excessive levels of ozone from an electronic air cleaner?Insufficient air flowExcessive air flowInsufficient secondary air flowExcessive primary air flow.1 points?QUESTION 30What will the result be if the 24 volt transformer for a power humidifier is wired in series with the humidistat and the humidifier motor?The humidifier motor will burn out.The humidifier motor will not be energized.The humidifier motor will operate properly.The humidifier motor will run at half speed.1 points?QUESTION 31Where should a furnace air filter be mounted?In the supply air plenum near the furnace.In the return air plenum near the furnace.Downstream of the humidifier but near the furnace.Upstream of the condensate drain.1 points?QUESTION 32Generally speaking, there is sufficient moisture from the daily activities of a family of four to bring indoor humidity levels to within acceptable ranges during the winter months.?rue?alse1 points?QUESTION 33What is the most common transformer required for a power humidifier?120 – 24 volt240 – 24 volt240-120 volt120 – 240 volt1 points?QUESTION 34The three types of air filters that can be used with a forced-air furnace are:air, oil or, electrostatic or electronic.flow thru, drum type or steamelectric, paper or fibre.1 points?QUESTION 35When air is heated, its relative humidity:increases.decreases.remains constantinceases to a point then decreases1 points?QUESTION 36If condensation occurs on windows when the outdoor temperature drops, the humidistat setting should be:increased.decreased.set to zeroset to 100%.1 points?QUESTION 37How many duct openings are required to be cut to accommodate the bypass duct for a humidifier?12341 points?QUESTION 38The pressure drop measured across an A Coil should be confirmed with the manufacturer’s specifications.?rue?alse1 points?QUESTION 39What happens to the system in the cooling mode if the pre-filter in an electronic air gets plugged with dirt?The fan motor cycles on overloadThe cooling coil frostsThe furnace shuts off on high limitThe air cleaner freezes up.1 points?QUESTION 40Which of the following components is?ot?ound on a flow-through type humidifier?float valve assemblyevaporator padwater connectiondrain piping1 points?QUESTION 41The higher the MERV rating number of an air filter the greater the filtering capability.?rue?alse1 points?QUESTION 42The operating control for a humidifier is known as the:thermostatdehumidifierhumidistatpressure switch1 points?QUESTION 43What is the purpose of an air proving switch on an electronic air cleaner?It ensures the furnace air handler is running in order to provide maximum benefit of the filtration.It ensures the fan is not running.It ensures the temperature is correct.It ensures combustion air to the filter.1 points?QUESTION 44The air direction arrow on a furnace air filter should:Point towards the furnace.Point away from the furnace.Point to the filter rack.Point to the dirty side.1 points?QUESTION 45If the test button on an electronic air cleaner causes arcing at the cells when pushed:it indicates the unit is functioning normallythe test button is faultythe air cleaner is backwardsdon’t push it!1 points?QUESTION 46How can the external surfaces of a cooling coil be cleaned?Vacuum cleanerFin CombBrushAny of the above1 points?QUESTION 47An automatic humidistat includes an outdoor temperature sensor.?rue?alse1 points?QUESTION 48If an electronic air cleaner arcs continuously it may indicate:an extremely dusty environmentbroken ionization wiresdamaged platesall of the above1 points?QUESTION 49A furnace with a dirty filter that has been cycling off on high limit all season could have affected the:the efficiencytemperature risethe heat exchangerAll of the above1 points?QUESTION 50A gas technician 2 is certified to repair refrigerant leaking from an evaporator coil:?rue?alseEngineering & TechnologyMechanical EngineeringHRAC 313Share Question

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