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Questionquestion When studying characteristics of organisms,

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Questionquestion When studying characteristics of organisms, it is… question When studying characteristics of organisms, it is necessary to use the scientific method to study them.?his process is guided byQuestion 2ALL organisms have certain functions they must perform in order to live, grow and reproduce.?hich of the following is one of those vital functions?Question 3The theory of evolution through natural selection unites all of biology in many ways.?hich of the following aspects of biology is NOT impacted by the theory of evolution?Question 4An organism has the following features:?ulticellular, cells with true nuclei, able to move using a muscular tail, and a brain. To which kingdom would this organism belongQuestion 5An organism has the following features:?ukaryotic, unicellular, photosynthetic, lives in colonies in fresh water.?o which kingdom would this organism belong?Question 7Animal reproduction does not include which of the following??uestion 8All animals must get oxygen to their cells.?hich of the following organs is NOT involved in this critical function?Question 9When cells perform metabolic activities, they produce nitrogenous wastes.?Which human organ system removes these wastes from the blood and expels them from the body??uestion 10Many indicators show that temperatures are increasing and climate patterns are changing on a global scalE) What is NOT likely to happen because of climate change?Question 11As meteor the size of Mount Everest struck the Gulf of Mexico near what is now the Yucatan Peninsula about 65 myA) From the list below, what did NOT happen as a result of the collision?Question 12In the earth’s long history, there have been at least 5 mass extinctions in which large numbers of existing species of organisms disappeared from the earth. Mass extinctions such as these are usually triggered byQuestion 13A species of beetle is active at night and sleeps in the bark of trees during the day. These beetles normally mate during the night on the sides of trees. The forest they live in has lizards that hunt insects by vision and birds that hunt insects by sounds made by their prey. Which of the following represents the most adaptive way for male and female beetles to find each other for mating?Question 14In geographic regions with wet springs, dry summers, and cold winters, trees forms new cells that are arranged in concentric circles called annual rings or annual growth rings. Each annual ring shows the amount of wood critical thinkingproduced during one growing season. The growing season begins in the spring during periods of more rain and the tree produces numerous large, light-colored cells that form the springwooD) If you look at a cross section of a tree, this is the light-colored part of the annual ring. Then, towards the end of the summer, growth slows down due to lack of rain. The cells produced at this time of year are small, with dark-colored walls. They form the summerwood which appears as a thin darker part of the annual ring. No growth occurs during the winter. Each year of growth is therefore represented by a ring consisting of a light part and a dark part. What kind of ring pattern might you expect from trees growing in a region where it rains all the time and has no seasons?Question 15Considering that the scientific method includes making observations, formulating a hypothesis to explain the observations, testing the hypothesis with experimentation, analyzing data from experiments, and drawing conclusions about the meaning of the data, which of the following statements about a species of flowering plant represents an experiment?ScienceBiologyBIOL 1409

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