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QuestionReview feedback from Part 2 and make appropriate cor

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QuestionReview feedback from Part 2 and make appropriate corrections and… ?????eview feedback from Part 2 and make appropriate corrections and revisions.?????one-paragraph evaluation for each source.?????rite one additional paragraph describing the evaluation of sources.?rades will be based on the quality of revisions to the research question, the source list, and the formatting, as well as the quality of the evaluation and the writing. The assignment will be graded according to the rubric provided.?tep 1: Review feedbackReview instructor feedback and refer to relevant tutorials in Parts 1 and 2 for additional help.?tep 2: Revise Revise research question. Type the revised research question into a Word document using the sample bibliography provided. Do not rewrite or resubmit Part 1 or Part 2.?elect new or additional sources, if needed. Follow the relevant steps in Parts 1 and 2 as well as recommendations from instructor feedback. All three sources should meet the requirements for the assignment.?dit and revise the bibliography according to recommendations provided in the instructor feedback. Follow the relevant steps in Part 2 of the project.You do NOT need to resubmit the form from Part 1 or the bibliography from Part 2. Instead, you will incorporate revisions into this assignment and submit a new document following the sample provided.?tep 3: Evaluate sourcesFor each of the three sources, one-paragraph evaluation. Explain how and why the source would be appropriate for research on your topic. Consider relevance and at least two other evaluation criteria as explained in the tutorials from Part 1.?ype each paragraph just below the citation for the source it evaluates as shown on the sample bibliography for Part 3.?o not include the research question or the full titles of sources in the paragraph. If you need to refer to a book or article, use the author’s last name only. Do not write in first person (I, me, our) or in second person (you).?tep 4: Describe your work describe about evaluating sources for research. Consider the importance of evaluation as well as the process. Make specific reference to your own work on this assignment. ?o not include the research question or the full titles of sources in the paragraph. If you need to refer to a book or article, use the author’s last name only. Do not write in first person (I, me, our) or in second person (you).Review Steps 1-5 above. Check your work to make sure it is accurate and complete. Proofread your writing and formatting to eliminate mistakes.?ave your work as a Word document and submit it in Blackboard. Feedback from instructor This is an interesting question and one worth pursuing, but it would take you out of the historical context for the assignment and would have you researching 21st-century English college curriculum.?ry to focus on the period in question, the era of Samuel Johnson and his dictionary.The first source is certainly scholarly, but only mentions Johnson’s Dictionary once. It is doubtful it would help with research on this topic. the website is a good one and might give you some good ideas for the direction for your revised question. While you would certainly use the dictionary itself in a larger research project, include at least one book that is a work of historical scholarship rather than a primary source.Continue to work on formatting in the?urabian?tyle. Use the Sample Bibliography to help with spacing, hanging indents, etc.For Part 2, include on the research process for Part 2 without resubmitting Part 1. Good start on the?esearch process. Avoid restating the full question(s) and instead describe how you developed the question. Say something about how you determined which sources to select. There is no need to reflect on what you have written for this assignment?bout?he research process. Instead, focus on developing the question, selecting sources, and the importance of formatting. Proofread carefully. ???????????This is my paperPart 2Theme: Samuel Johnson’s English Dictionary Research question How important is Samuel Johnson’s English Dictionary in 21st-century language development needs in colleges? ?esearch process Upon review of the Jerry Falwell Library through Liberty, several books about Samuel Johnson’s English were available. Reviewing the books for appropriateness to the research question was the first step. The research question revealed several sources on the internet. The sources included both scholarly and non-scholarly materials. The scholarly materials contained a research question, included the authors’ credentials, and were peer-reviewed. The non-scholarly sources provided general information about the research topic. The books and the scholarly sources provided helpful information about the topic. ?sing a specific keyword in the search was reasonably necessary to locate the right sources. All the relevant sources were included in my research Margalitadze, T. ( 2018). Once again Lexicography is science. Retrieved from, M. (2009). What Samuel Johson did. Retrieved from Johnson, Dictionary of the English language, complete unabridged volume one (1773),237-267.When creating a research question, make the question to be more specific and focuses on only one topic. Such as, “Was there a need for Samuel Johnson to write the English dictionary at the time that he did”, or “Does the dictionary have any effects on the 21st century”? Focusing on two themes of a research question will broaden the research on the subject. Always include the author’s name and the correct link when citing a website, put the authors name and title and subtitle when citing a book. Know that when creating a research paper that the site that is being used is a very informational source. When creating a research process make sure first-person tone is not being used. It is best when creating the research process to try and always use different details. Being more specific on fewer details will be more understanding of the topics being discussed After revising the research question that has been chosen, the bibliography is completed, and the research process has good detail and no first or second person is being used. Then there should be thorough of the understanding of the insights on how to do a research paper in great detail. Arts & HumanitiesEnglishHIST 316

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