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QuestionThe difference between the first distance entered in

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QuestionThe difference between the first distance entered in the table andthe last distance entered in the table is the distance the spot has traveled. For example, if the sunspot on the images from the earliest date was 65.4 mm from the left edge of the Sun, and the same sunspot was 125.6 mm from the left edge of the Sun on the image from the final date, then the spot moved 60.2 mm between those dates.5. Distance traveled: Sunspot A ___________________ mm Sunspot B ___________________ mm6. Look up the Sun’s actual diameter in kilometers: _________________ kmOn the solar images, measure the diameter, the greatest distance across the disk, inmillimeters.7. Diameter of the Sun on the printed images: __________________ mm.The Scale factor for the images is simply the ratio of the diameter in kilometers (from step 6) divided by the diameter in millimeters (step 7).8. Scale factor: ________________km/mmUse this scale factor to calculate the actual distance the sunspot traveled. The actual distance is equal to the distance the sunspots traveled in millimeters (step 5) “times” the scale factor (step 8).9. The Sunspot A traveled: ___________ km. The Sunspot B traveled: ___________ km.10. Calculate the average distance traveled by the two sunspots: ____________ km.11. The time it took the sunspots to travel that distance was ________ days (subtract the first date from the last).Determine how fast the sunspots are moving across the surface of the Sun. The distance the spot traveled was calculated above. We know how long it took the spot to move this far, since we know the date of each photograph. The velocity is the distance the spots traveled divided by the time it took the spots to go that distance.12. The average speed of the Sun’s rotation was measured to be __________ km/day.ScienceAstronomyASTR 101

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