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QuestionUESTION 1?)?hough many educated people have ideas

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QuestionUESTION 1?)?hough many educated people have ideas about numbers and its relevant they do not necessarily have numeracy skills. Discuss three impacts of innumeracy or lack of numeracy skills and explain 2 major factors that have been associated with innumeracy.????)?owadays, Technology Enhanced Learning is delivered primarily as online learning. The use of technology can add value to your learning by enabling some benefits to be obtained by learners.?sing concrete examples based on any situation of your choice, critically analyse five of these benefits.??????????????QUESTION?a)?he modern-day learning environment though similar to the traditional learning space is also quite different. Based on your own experience and with the aid of examples, describe the 21st?entury learning environment.??????????b)?t this age information is available on the internet which?an easily be assessed and for free too. Unfortunately, some learner misuse it or?hoose to use it without creditting thesource of the information. Discuss two main reasons why students plagiarise and propose three ways of avoiding plagiarism.????????????QUESTION?a)?aving excellent communication skills is a great asset for the 21st century learner. Explain with the help of examples, the ways through which one can become an effective communicator. (2010).?????????????)?nlike, several skills, communication can be in two main forms; verbal and non- verbal.?aynton??ahn?2018)?aslisted?even?ypes?f?onverbal communication. Using tangible examples, discuss five of these.????????????]??QUESTION?Having media literacy is an important soft skill that the 21stcentury learner would need in order to survive in the modern-day learning environment.?rite an essay?xplaining?hemeaning?f?edia?iteracy and discuss?he?mportance?f?edialiteracy.]?QUESTION??)?onsidering the numerous benefits associated with collaborative skills several students prefer to work in groups than working individually. Despite the above, we cannot overlook the many challenges that are encountered in collaborative writing, discuss?our main ways in which collaborative learning can be improved.????????????????????b)?n today’s global village, learners are expected to protect and care about the environment that they live in.?iscuss global citizens need to care about the world.?????????rts & HumanitiesEnglishENG 302

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