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Read the excerpt from The Mother of America:George Washingto

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Read the excerpt from The Mother of America:George Washington is frequently considered the “Father of America.” Likewise, his wife, Martha Washington, could also be considered the “Mother of America,” as demonstrated by her roles as the general’s wife and the first lady.During the American Revolution, Martha Washington earned the title of “Mother of America” for her caring nature as the general’s wife. She was also very brave. Despite the danger of kidnapping, Martha refused to abandon her home, Mount Vernon, in Virginia. When Martha did leave the plantation for periods of time, she traveled to the military camps where Washington was staying. First, Martha had to be vaccinated so that she would not suffer from smallpox. Once she was inoculated, Martha made the risky trip to camp. British and American soldiers roamed the countryside, and capture was a real possibility. Nevertheless, Martha arrived at each winter camp. She acted as confidant and secretary to George Washington, who believed that her presence was crucial. She encouraged the soldiers, helped their wives, and comforted those who were wounded. One of her key roles was also to entertain important visitors to the camp. Occasionally, Martha Washington even represented George at events he could not attend. Martha used her position to contribute to fundraising efforts for military supplies in 1780 and knit socks for the soldiers herself. Overall, her care and attention to others’ needs made her the “Mother of America” during the American Revolution.What reason does the author provide to support the point that Martha Washington should be considered the “Mother of America”?A. Her bravery when being inoculated from smallpoxB.Her care and attention to others’ needs as the General’s wifeC. Her fear of being kidnapped by British soldiersD. Her willingness to knit socks for soldiers at the military campI think it is B?Arts & HumanitiesEnglishENGLISH3

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