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Recollect on an instance in which you made a professional or

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Recollect on an instance in which you made a professional or personaldecision that required consideration of ethics, culture, and/or the setting of boundaries. Describe the situation, the setting, the people involved, and the factors that influenced your response.?hen discuss how what you learned from the outcome of the situation.THIS IS the instance BELOWDue to the nature of my profession as a probation officer, we are trained to make ethical decisions or attempt to do what is right. Nevertheless, I reflected to a time when I was a newly promoted probation officer and still in training. I was expected to do everything by the books and? wanted badly to make sure I pass my probation as a new officer.I will never forget when this young 21-year-old Caucasian man who was assigned to me arrive at my office. He was on probation for drug charges, and possession of stolen property. He shared that my co-worker was his previous probation officer and had not really been a big help. I told him I was going to help him. This client had already gained my sensitivity and empathy because my father was a drug addict. However, I told him I was going to give him a new start. I warned him that when I come to his house he better be clean and not get into any trouble because I had to the job regardless of the circumstances. At this time, we began building a client and officer relationship.At the client’s next office visit he told me he enrolled in drug classes and appeared to being doing well. He told me “Thank You”, he finally felt like someone wanted to help him. The following week I did an unexpected home call with my partner and supervisor. When we arrived, his father told me his son was so happy that he finally had a probation officer who cared. Unfortunately, I found the client that morning in bed with a 16-year-old girl, in possession of meth and with a backpack of stolen items. He was arrested for possession of stolen property, drugs and statutory rape due to the young ladie’s age.?lthough I was commended by my supervisor and peers for the arrest, I felt horrible. I really did not think he should have been arrested for statutory rape because he was not that much older than the girl and it appeared consensual. Further, this was very challenging for me because growing up my culture taught me to mind your own business if a person was not hurting anyone. Needless to say, I know ethically I did the right thing but to see the client who I thought I had success with lose his freedom hurt me.?usinessManagementHuman Resource ManagementHSM 480

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