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reference: THS Background and Environment Transformative Hea

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reference: THS Background and Environment Transformative Health… reference: THS Background and Environment Transformative Health System (THS) is a community health system in the Midwest United States. Through the merger of two additional community hospitals in 1999 the THS Hospital Division consists of three hospital campuses (THS North, THS South and THS Specialty) that cover a geographic service area of approximately 120 miles. THS also includes 100 employed physicians, 12 medical mall ambulatory locations, 5 urgent care centers and a number of joint venture partnerships involving post-acute care, senior residences outpatient pharmacy management and population health organizations. THS Business Environment: The THS business environment is indicative of changes happening all over the U. S. Inpatient volume projections beginning in fourth-quarter 2018 through second-quarter 2019 are between 3% to 5% below budget projections. This reflects a shift from patients being admitted through the inpatient services to observation status. The shift toward utilizing observation beds which results in lower levels of reimbursement is a national trend. Also, THS has seen a 7% above budget increase in ambulatory volumes in their medical mall locations and urgent care centers in the surrounding communities. THS Strategic Goals: The THS organizational Strategic Roadmap includes a five-year Plan for the Health System, approved by the Board of Directors in 2016 which includes: maintaining current market share in the 120-mile radius served by THS, exploring the strategic partnerships to expand sources of revenue and reduce clinical and administrative expenses for the health system and continue to support service lines and community initiatives that serve the community-based health mission of the organization. THS Consumer Business Strategy Focus: Because of the change in business in the THS has decided to focus on leveraging the IT investment in order to improve consumer access and promote consumer retention. The organization is also shifting its focus to provide seamless IT solutions to both internal stakeholders such as clinical and nonclinical staff as well as external stakeholders such as consumers and the surrounding communities. The business strategy supporting this approach has to do with the organizational value of both consumers and their provider teams being satisfied with their respective experiences at THS. Focusing on the shift in delivering care solutions to consumers in their home environment and other non-ambulatory environments such as medical miles, office spaces etc., THS is launching a new consumer brand called THS Care2U. This is a comprehensive consumer stakeholder strategy that focuses on individual consumers in the community, employers, broad community constituents as well as the internal stakeholders such as providers and administrative staff. The THS Care2U brand strategy is based in the concept of optimizing relationships of all the stakeholders to support the most optimal delivery of care solutions at the most reasonable cost. Information technology and evidence-based information management are at the heart of this Strategy. 4 IT Environment and Drivers: The formulation of the original IT Strategic Plan was accomplished in February of 2000 as part of the newly founded organization’s efforts to address its immediate and future information challenges with a structured and consistent approach to the complex and ever-changing IT market. The environment at the onset of the Strategic Plan challenged us with highly disparate information infrastructures; we were unable to communicate electronically, duplicate high cost applications were being maintained, automated sharing of common data between systems was non-existent, and the ability to perform basic information management as a total system was impossible. With the continued changes in healthcare the demand for sharing and integrating clinical and financial information to facilitate strategic partnerships, meet healthcare reform requirements, and simply to manage our patients cost effectively continues to make our IT Strategy a critical imperative to our success. Security of Protected Health Information (PHI), consumer focused initiatives, and positioning for population health management are now key drivers for IT. IT Strategic Goal/Objective: The initial goal set forth in 2000 was to “provide a Clinically Driven Information System that is accessible across the Integrated Delivery System (IDS)”. Utilizing the integration infrastructure and original Clinical Data Warehouse we have developed over the last 10 years we are now implementing a Consumer Relations Management (CRM) strategy that ties our customer facing kiosks, customer mobile apps, and e-marketing to support improved access to care and better customer experiences. We have also focused on providing our clinicians integrated views within our core EMRs (acute – Allscripts Sunrise Clinical Manager and Physician Office – Allscripts Touchworks) of all clinical data from both acute and ambulatory environments. The implementation of dbMotion in FY 2019 will provide a normalized continuum of care database for clinically based population management during encounters and enhanced notification for allergies and medications by allowing ingestion of appropriate ambulatory data into an acute encounter. Clinicians also have access to the ClinicalConnect HIE within their EMR; we are a leading member of ClinicalConnect and have contributed over 2 million records to the HIE. In support of the THS Care2U organizational brand a new consumer “Boarding Pass” solution will be implemented in FY 2019 that will enhance customer check-in through tablets and kiosks and allow for real-time tracking of patient orders, monitoring for leakage, and predictive modeling of patient utilization of our outpatient services. Utilizing the integration infrastructure and original Clinical Data Warehouse we have developed over the last 10 years we are now implementing a Consumer Relations Management (CRM) strategy that ties our customer facing kiosks (Boarding Pass), customer mobile apps, and e-marketing to support improved access to care and better customer experiences. Feasibility studies for the patient consumer mobile platform and internal provider mobile platforms are being conducted.?uestion Discuss the specific administrative applications that Transformative Health System (THS) would include in their Security Risk Assessment (SRA) tool submission.Discuss the specific clinical applications that THS would include in their SRA tool submission.Articulate a list of security considerations to add to the SRA tool for the THS organization given the development of online health visits as part of their evolving strategy.Articulate network security risks for THS based on home-based biometric devices such as network thermometers, glucometers, and blood pressure monitors, to name a few, which are being added to the organization’s network.ScienceHealth ScienceHEALTHCARE HIA612

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