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Reply to this post agree or disagreeRedefining American Iden

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Reply to this post agree or disagreeRedefining American Identity??The American identity is a hot subject because it is an ever changing topic. There is no right or wrong answer to the meaning of being American. Legally, being an American means having citizenship in the United States, but emotionally can be a different story. There may be people living in America for a long period of time through the use of Visas, green cards, or other forms of residency and still have some form of an American identity. There may also be people who are American citizens, but have lived in my countries abroad, so they might not relates as much with the American identity. This is why this topic is an interesting one to be discussed.??????n our example resources, Amy Tan is one writer from the modern times that talks about her American identity in her book?here the Past Begins. Her take on the subject is different from her predecessors because her parents originate from China, but she was born in California. This makes her question her identity in a unique manner. She may not be able to relate completely with the life of her family who reside in China, but she may not feel like she is included as an American either due to her family background. She has to experience the American life firsthand and deal with any struggles that may occur in order to find herself and her identity. Author Amy Tan decided to create about her life memoir to inspire others about the power of writing and to give insight on what life was like for her as a Chinese-American.Reference:How Amy Tan’s family stories made her a storyteller. (2017). Retrieved 22 August 2021, from & HumanitiesEnglishLiteratureLIT 312

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