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Respond to all three of the following scenarios. Describe ho

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Respond to all three of the following scenarios. Describe how you… Respond to all three of the following scenarios. Describe how you would respond to each scenario using good?herapeutic use of self?nd?pecific active listening strategies. Each scenario answer/response should be approximately 4-6 sentences.1. Eddie is a 76 year old male who recently fell, resulting in a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). His family informs you that prior to the injury he was usually friendly and accepting of help. At this appointment, Eddie refuses to do anything you ask him to do and becomes distracted when you attempt to engage him.?. Gina is a middle-aged woman who recently was in a car accident in which she sustained significant orthopedic injuries to her left ankle and foot. At the point of assessment, she had already undergone several reconstructive surgeries on her ankle and foot, but was awaiting further surgery in the next few months. At this time, she is not allowed to bear weight throughout her left lower extremity and uses crutches for functional mobility and transfers. Her current routine is to lay in her bed because she’s worried that she will be in the way. Due to prolonged bed rest, she is losing muscle strength. You explain this to her, but she is concerned about the burden she may be on her family if she tries to move around the house.?. Travis experienced an accident at work when his hand slipped and was crushed by a machine. Although the doctors were able to surgically reattach the tendons in his hand, he will not be able to return to work for quite some time. He shows signs of depression and when you interview him. He states that he doesn’t feel right sitting at home when he should be working. You later find out that Travis is the sole provider as his wife stays home with their newborn baby.Arts & HumanitiesWritingCreative WritingENGLISH200

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