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Scenario APC International Food Pty Ltd is an international

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Scenario APC International Food Pty Ltd is an international foodcompany and provides Asian foods over the world. The company has numerous restaurants in most Asian countries and also sells processed food as well. As Australia is known for its strong and efficient regulatory environments, providing a business-friendly environment, the company is planning to penetrate the Australian market as a base for the Oceania market. APC International has now established a head office in Brisbane Australia, and is going to open up a restaurant to test the Australian market for the next 12 months. The company has now hired you as C00 (Chief Operating Officer) and requested that you open up the restaurant in 2 months. The company has completed the following: Lease contract Interior/Exterior designs All kitchen eauiDment ourchased Tables/chairs purchased in the dining area POS (point of sales) system purchased and ready for operation Therefore, the company has asked you to establish the operating plans for the restaurant ONLY. (No processed food products, only dine-in customers) and you need to consider the following: Human resource (Chef, cook, hall manager, supervisor, serving employees etc.) Food supplies (Vegetables, meat, ingredients, sources etc.) Equipment supplies Budgeting for 15 months (opening preparation costs and a 12-month period operating costs) As you are the C00 in the head office in Australia, you will have four supportive managers as follows: Accounting Manager Human Resource Manager Supply Chain Manager Customer Service Manager For their serving employees, they receive base salary and incentives for add-on sales and upselling. Question I : Identify 5 internal and 5 external stakeholders in the scenario (PC 1 .1 PE 2) Q.uestion 2: From Question 1 , you need to shortlist relevant stakeholders to discuss the following resources. Who should you discuss with? (PC 1 .1 KE I PE 2) Budgeting items Stakeholders (one or more stakeholders) Operating capital Vegetables and meat s Hiring servicing employees Orientation and trainingBusinessManagementHuman Resource Management

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