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Source:… Source: that you may have to modify or correct some of your implementations done in previous milestones, even though you passed the previous (milestones) testers successfully. This is a natural course of developing an application. There is no need to notify your professor about this unless you would like to get advice on the matter.Continue the implementation of the Pre-triage application by implementing the COVID patient and the triage patient modules.The CovidPatient moduleThis module has one integer global variable called?extCovidTicket?hat is initialized to?ne. This global variable will be used to determine what is the ticket number of the next COVID test Patient. Each time a new?ovidPatient?bject is created the value of the?extCovidTicket?ill be increased by?ne. The scope of the global?extCovidTicket?ariable is only the?ovidPatient?odule to make sure that the ticket numbers of Covid patients are kept separate from the Triage patients.The?ovidPatient?lass is publicly derived from the?atient?lass. The?ovidPatient?lass does not add any member variables or properties to the?atient?odule.The?ovidPatient?lass has one?efault constructor, implements the pure virtual?ype()?unction and re-implements the two?ead?unctions and the?rite?ucniton of the base class?atient?s follows:Default ConstructorSets the Ticket number to the current global value and then increases the global value by one.implementationThe default constructor passes the?extCovidTicket?lobal variable to the?onstructor?f the base class?atient?nd then it will increase the value of?extCovidTicket?lobal variable by?ne.The type() virtual functionIdentifies the Patient object as a Covid patient by returning the letter?.implementationThis function only returns the character?C’;csvRead virtual function overrideReads a comma-separated record of a Patient and sets the global ticket number to the next number after the Patient’s ticket number.implementationFirst this function will call the?svRead?unction of the base class?atient, afterwards it will set the?extCovidTicket?lobal variable to the return value of the?umber()?unction of the?atient?lass plus?ne. Then it will ignore the terminating?n’?haracter. Finally, it will return the istream reference.write virtual function override.Based on the return value of the?ileIO?ethod it will either write the patient in a comma-separated format or a descriptive format for screen or ticket.implementationIf the?ileIO?ember function returns?rue, it will call the?svWrite?unction of the base class, otherwise it will first insert?COVID TEST””?nto the?stream?bject and goes to?ewline. Then it will call the?rite()?unction of the base class and then goes to?ewline.Then it will end the function by returning the?stream? virtual function override.Based on the return value of the?ileIO?ethod it will either read the patient in a comma-separated format from istream or perform a fool-proof entry from the console.implementationIf the?ileIO?ember function returns true it will call the?svRead?unction

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