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Start Word. Download and open the file named?xp19_Word_Ch02

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Start Word. Download and open the file named?xp19_Word_Ch02_ML1_Festival.docx.?rader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the filenameChange the document theme to Organic. Format the first paragraph in the document,?ount?ernon?ot Air Balloon Festival,?s WordArt using the Fill: Black, Text color 1; Outline: White, Background color 1; Hard Shadow: Orange, Accent color 5 (third row, second column) style. Change the font size of the WordArt object to 24.Change the wrapping style of the WordArt object to Top and Bottom. Format the WordArt object with Shape Style Subtle Effect – Teal,?ccent 2. If necessary, visually center the WordArt object on the first paragraph of the document.Format the second paragraph in the document,?ee the Canyon From?he?op!,?s?enter and bold with a font color of Teal, Accent 2.Select the remaining text on page 1, beginning with?ay 28-29, 2022?nd ending with?n the festival grounds. Format the selected text into two columns with a line in between and equal column width.?hange the font of the columned text on page 1 to Century Schoolbook.?nsert a page break (not a section break) on page 2 after the sentence ending with?nflate balloons on the festival grounds.?o material for public distribution should contain errors. You check for spelling and grammar mistakes because it speaks to professionalism and influences how people see the festival and those who run it.?heck spelling and grammar?he word?allumination?s not misspelled (for the purposes of this document). Correct any spelling or grammarerrors.7.Right align the third paragraph on page 1?ay 28-29, 2022. Format all columned text with a line spacing of 1.5 and paragraph spacing after of 6 pt. Insert a column break to the left of the paragraph beginning with?nd?on’t forget the dogs!8.With the insertion point immediately to the left of the paragraph beginning?s?or the kids, search Online Pictures using the keywords?ot air balloons?nd then insert an appropriate image from the results. Note: alternatively, you can search for an image in a web browser, and then download and insert a relevant image from the results.Select and delete any additional text boxes that may display when the image is inserted. Change the height of the picture to 1″. Change the wrapping style to Square and apply a picture style of Reflected Bevel, White. Position the picture so that it is on the left side of the paragraph beginning with?s?or the kids, but still in the right column.9.Recolor the picture with Teal, Accent color 2 Light. Apply the Paint Brush Artistic Effect.10.On page 3, format the heading?hen is the best time to see balloons??s bold with a font color of Teal, Accent 2. Create a new style named?uestions?ased on the formatting applied to the same heading. Apply the Questions style to the other questions (headings) on page 3.11.On page 4, apply solid round bullets to the nine paragraphs on the page beginning with?lthough there is no perfect?nd ending with?or a show to begin. Decrease the indent so the bullets begin at the left margin. Change the color of the bullet symbols to Teal, Accent 2.12.Insert a page break (not a section break) before the heading?ow can I plan for the best experience?n page 3.13.Select the schedule of items under the heading?aturday (5/28/2022), beginning with?:00 AM?nd ending with?alloon Glow. Set a left tab stop at 1″ and another left tab with a dot leader at 3″. Click at the beginning of each line in the schedule of items and press TAB to move the items to the left tab stop position. Move the activities to the 3″ tab stop position.Perform the same task with the schedule of items under?unday (5/29/2022).14.Save and close?xp19_Word_Ch02_ML1_Festival.docx. Exit Word. Submit the file as directed.Mount Vernon Hot Air Balloon FestivalSee the Canyon From The Top!May 28-29, 2022The Mount Vernon Hot Air Balloon Festival, presented by Seattle Adventure Explorers, welcomes more than 100 hot air balloonists from across the country. One of the largest free hot-air balloon festivals in the Northwest, the event features hot air balloon races, a key grab, tether rides, and our always well-attended Ballumination! Tour Point Shepherd Park, enjoy a free arts and crafts show, visit the multiple farm to table food vendors, and get up close with antique cars and tractors. As the sun sets, you can settle back for musical entertainment and the always fabulous fireworks show over the canyon! Saturday’s events feature a 6:30 hare and hound race in which balloons try to follow a hare, ultimately attempting to land on beanbags. A balloon flight flight at dusk, and a balloon glow beginning at 8:00 p.m. round out the day. Get to the park by 6:30 a.m. on Sunday to watch balloons fly into the field while passengers try to grab a ring from a tall pole. Ask a balloon owner for a free tethered ride on Sunday evening. Kids will enjoy the balloon themed play area, with fairground type games including balloon pops and water balloon toss!As for entertainment, you’re in luck! Spread out your blanket, grab a cold drink, and enjoy a variety of live music daily, from country to rock and roll. With activities for the kids, shopping and entertainment for adults, and plenty of photo ops, this is a festival you won’t want to miss!This year’s music acts include EZ Star, Black Dog, Rachel Mac, and the LLC Five Star Jazz Orchestra. Plenty of others will be on hand, as well. Stroll the park, visiting each live music stage, to enjoy just about any type of musical act on your playlist. Be sure to bring your pet, a lawn chair, and a cooler full of your favorite drinks (for safety reasons, please do not bring glass bottles into the park).As for the kids, hold on to your hat! Your children can pet a baby sheep, dance like a butterfly to fun tunes, get their faces painted with balloon art, and try a little limbo. At the children’s village, they can enjoy Johnny Drake as he performs his magic show. In the next booth, they can catch storytelling and puppet shows sponsored by the Lancaster County School System.And don’t forget the dogs! In a special enclosure, well-behaved dogs can participate in the Stay Connected K-9 Frisbee Toss. Dogs can splash in pools, chase toys, and dig for buried treasure. Adult supervision required, of course!We guarantee you’ll be hungry! Grab an ice cream cone or snack on popcorn as you stroll through the vendors and hot air balloons. The barbecue cook-off is sure to be a stellar attraction, as well. With food vendors?any participated in the farm to table concept?cattered throughout the park, you’re never too far from your next meal.All balloon flights and displays are weather permitting. Winds must be less than 5 mph to safely inflate balloons on the festival grounds.Frequently Asked QuestionsWhen is the best time to see balloons?The best time to view balloons and get great pictures is early morning. Flights begin at approximately 6:00 a.m. each morning. It’s definitely worth getting up early to see balloons grace the early morning sky. Balloons also fly at dusk (approximately 7:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday night).Please be aware that ballooning is extremely weather dependent. Winds must be less than 15 mph for balloons to fly. Listen to WLITE 1050 AM or 95.7 FM for the latest on flight information.Where are the balloons and pilots during the day?High canyon winds make it impossible to inflate balloons during the day. Pilots and their families enjoy the same things that you do at the park?ive music, quality arts & crafts, and local cuisine.Can I purchase a hot air balloon ride during the Festival?Due to the overwhelming demand for balloon rides during the festival, rides are not available. However, most pilots will give tether rides on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Rides can be purchased before or after the festival from Sky Glide Hot Air Balloon Company, a member of the Mount Vernon County Chamber of Commerce.What can my children do while visiting the festival?Children can enjoy inflatables, children’s interactive entertainment, reptile displays, and face painting, just to name a few! ?hese fun activities are located in the free, gated Children’s Village open 1 p.m. – 8 p.m. on Friday, and 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. on Saturday.Is smoking permitted on the festival grounds?Smoking is not allowed on the festival grounds while the balloons are present. Please be courteous of other festival patrons.Can I bring a cooler with beverage and food into the festival?You can bring a cooler with snacks and plastic or aluminum containers. However, no glass bottles or alcohol are allowed at the festival. We do provide an assortment of unique foods at our food vendor stands.What are my camping, RV, or lodging options?While you cannot camp or park an RV on the festival grounds, there are camping options nearby. Check with the Mount Sedona County Chamber of Commerce for a complete list of camping facilities.How can I plan for the best experience?Although there is no perfect formula, the following tips should insure that you have all the bases covered!Wear good walking shoes. The park encompasses 15 acres, so hiking is a strong possibility.Bring sunscreen. There is very little shade.Get to the park early. When the balloons inflate, long lines form.Wear comfortable, cool clothing. If you take tether rides, the flame does make it hot in the basket.Bring a camera and tripod. The ballumination at dusk is a beautiful photo opportunity, but the low light makes a tripod a necessity.Bring lawn chairs and/or blankets.Bring, or prepare to buy, plenty of water.Bring Frisbees or balls for children to play with in the large open field while you wait for a show to begin.?vent ScheduleSaturday (5/28/2022)6:00 AM (Saturday Morning) Pilots Briefing6:30 AM Hare and Hound Race5:00 PM Pilot Briefing5:30 PM Fun Flight6:30 PM Tethers8:15 PM Balloon GlowSunday (5/29/2022)6:00 AM Pilots Briefing6:30 AM Lynn Layton Key Grab5:00 PM Pilot Briefing5:30 PM Fun Flight6:30 PM BalluminationEngineering & TechnologyComputer SciencePROGRAMMIN 1305

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