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TALENT ACQUISITION?Provide excellent levels of customer ser

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TALENT ACQUISITION?Provide excellent levels of customer service to all guests.Brunt management decided that because this is their first venture into a country outside the UK, they want to use PCNs to set up the new hotels and that only internal candidates should be considered. They think that this is important so they can incorporate the organization’s values. However, they believe that once the hotels are up and running, HCNs could be hired. The management vacancies must be filled as soon as possible. In their company literature, the organization states that their core values are to:?Provide a clean and comfortable environment for guests and staff.?Recruit and retain excellent staff.?Support and develop staff so they can reach their full potential.?Continuously strive to improve all aspects of the business.?Ensure that all hotel buildings, fixtures and fittings are well-maintained in a proactive manner.It is important that the management consultants for this project take these core values into account when making their recommendations.You designed the recruitment advertisement you designed but realized that they did not consider the salary for these new positions! Since the organization has never hired managers to work outside the UK before, they do not know how to start determining the compensation. They provide you with the following information that they found on the Internet:?Existing salary for managers is ?0,000 (45,000 Euros) plus bonuses.?Surveys show that the average salary for hotel managers in France is 60,000 Euros with no opportunity to earn bonuses.The directors want to have a consistent approach as to how they compensate expatriates because they expect their overseas business to expand in the future. They also want existing employees to be enticed into working abroad and want to have a good range of incentives.QuestionWhat compensation package would you recommend for the hotel management position? Explain.BusinessManagementHuman Resource ManagementHRM MGNT3711

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