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The purpose of this assignment is to explore workplace setti

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The purpose of this assignment is to explore workplace settings… The purpose of this assignment is to explore workplace settings that are compatible with your values, beliefs, interests and career goals as a Health Care Assistant (HCA). Using the internet, students will research potential employers and settings of employment in their communities. After completing the research, students will prepare a written report of 500-750 words that addresses the follow components: ?Identify and describe a workplace setting (e.g., residential, community or acute care) that interests you. Discuss why you would like to work there and outline a minimum of two challenges and two rewards of working in that setting. ?Describe the mission / value statement of the prospective employer. Discuss how it aligns or does not align with your own beliefs and values. Print and submit a copy of the employer’s mission statement along with your assignment and use APA referencing style to indicate your source(s).* ?Develop a personal mission statement that describes your beliefs, values, interests and career goals (short and long term) as a HCA. You will be marked using the following criteria, please see the HCA Workplace Settings Rubric attached for more specific details: ?Your ability to thoroughly address the required components of the assignment (Total possible marks: 10 / 10)?The depth of your reflection regarding how your own beliefs, values, goals and interests align with that of the prospective employer (Total possible marks: 5 / 5) ?Your ability to prepare a report that is well written and presented in an organized manner (Total possible marks: 5 / 5) APA Citation Referencing Style ?Lea, C. (2010, November 18). How to cite something you found on a website in APA style [Blog Post]. ?Dymarz, A. (2016, September 19). Citation guide: APA (6th ed., 2010): General notes. ScienceScienceNursingNURS 2112

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