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“To view “Babylon Revisited” as a tragedy is simply one poin

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“To view “Babylon Revisited” as a tragedy is simply one point of view,and it is a fairly limited interpretation of the story. The Anticipation Stage is the initial stage of the process. Charlie is hoping to reunite with his daughter. Charlie has arrived in Paris with a clear goal in mind: to demonstrate to Marion and Lincoln that he has changed, as well as to bring his daughter back home with him (Gaunle, 2021). Is he completely dedicated to the course of action from the very beginning of the story? Perhaps this isn’t the case. The fact that Charlie begins his story in the bar of the Ritz suggests that there is more to this story than a mere dream gone horribly awry (Fitzgerald, 2002). The Frustration Stage is the second stage of the process. Duncan and Lorraine continue to harass him; Marion has concerns about his commitment to reform, and we dowell. ?espite Charlie’s assurance that he has changed his ways, no one, not even the astute reader, seems to believe him. Because Charlie’s behaviors are inconsistent with his claim to be a new man, this is essentially the cause of the problem (Gaunle, 2021). First and foremost, he continues to consume alcoholic beverages on a daily basis – the first thing he did upon arriving in Paris was to seek out his drinking companions. His previous life, on the other hand, continues to elicit a certain amount of adoration from him (though this admiration is tinged with contempt). The fact that Duncan and Lorraine emerge repeatedly throughout the story is a thorn in the side of the plot (i.e., the small flaw that ruins everything). The seeds of Charlie’s downfall have been planted, and now we’re just waiting for the final chapter to be written.???????The Dream Stage is the third stage of the process. Charlie is on the verge of reclaiming his daughter. It is clear that “Babylon Revisited” does not quite conform to the model this time around, as this Dream Stage occurs more than halfway through the storyline. At first glance, it appears as though Charlie has achieved his goal of taking Honoria home with him when Marion finally agrees to let him do so. We shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that there is a fly in the ointment (Fitzgerald, 2002). The Nightmare Stage is the fourth and final stage. Duncan and Lorraine make their way to the Peters’ residence. Finally, the fly appears. It is appropriate for us to experience the same dread that Charlie does when the drunken, rowdy Lorraine and Duncan break into the home of the quiet and reticent Marion.??????owever, ?The final stage is known as the Destruction or Death Wish Phase. Honoria is taken away from Charlie. Since Charlie has lost everything (Cohn, 2021), this is the final straw, and he has come to Paris in order to get it back. It’s interesting to note that Charlie’s defeat is presented as a sort of conclusion as if it had been predestined all along. Perhaps this is due to the fact that it was.?F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ability to include so many themes in “Babylon Revisited” as a work of fiction depends on his ability to leave important questions unresolved about Charlie Wales’ person. According to all reports, the narrative concerns the efforts of a father who is trying to regain custody of his daughter following a series of personal tragedies (Gaunle, 2021). In evaluating and arranging the cinematic adaptation of the narrative, Fitzgerald himself alluded to “the awfulness of the father and the child” that lies at the center of the story.Similarly, Charlie’s goal to win Honoria back is also his trip to show himself and others that he is a different person. Jobless, unreliable and prodigal with a broken marriage and a spiteful temper, only six months earlier, he had locked his girlfriend out of their condo on a chilly winter’s night.According to his sister’s relatives, his former associates and the peruser he is a “much” altered man, calm and utilized?an improved heathen.”” For example

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