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TOPIC ASSIGNED- CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION what all and how the… TOPIC ASSIGNED- CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION what all and how the refelction has to be done the whole Info is mentioned below 1. Describe what you have learned about Power. Use your own words to describe what you have learned from this concept including 1 OB theory or model and use proper citation from your textbook. You may describe the concept in terms of how you feel, what you think, or what you have learned about the OB concept. , you should demonstrate that you understand the meaning by using your words to describe how you felt or what you learned from this topic. 2. Demonstrate one real-life application of your assigned concept. Describe a real-life experience that relates to this OB concept. This can be your own experience in an organization, or the experience of a family member, friend or colleague. You may also use a news or magazine article if need be. Be sure to cite and reference any sources used in addition to your textbook. Establish a clear connection between the OB concept and related model/theory and this real-life example. 3. Create 2 Personal Development Strategies that apply to the real-life example. Describe two (2) personal development strategies in the context of what actions would help the organization in your real-life example improve. Frame the goals as if you are the person in the real-life example (even if this is not your personal example): “If I was the individual in this real-life example, I would improve the situation with the following personal development goals…” With your goals, demonstrate the use of OB concepts and how they show that these goals would improve the situation.BusinessBUS 8020

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