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Transactions: Journal On 3 January, Bob deposits $25,000 in

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Transactions: Journal On 3 January, Bob deposits $25,000 in a… Transactions: Journal On 3 January, Bob deposits $25,000 in a separate Bank Account for the Business at CIBC,?owntown branch. (Create journal Entry # 1 to Debit Chequing Account and Credit B Brown,?apital)Bob has decided to lease the backhoe. The monthly payment of $2,000 (plus HST) is made on the?5th day of each month to Brian’s Leasing.The Following Transactions took place in January:Date Transaction Source3 Purchased a computer by cheque from Impact Computers $4,600?plus HST) Chq 14 Bob Contributed a ladder to the Business Valued at $400 Fair?arket value. Journal Entry?26 Completed cash Job for Maple City construction, issued receipt?or $2500 (plus HST). Receive Payment in full and deposited cash?n bank. Sales Receipt?017 Bob paid expenses for the business:?elephone $198.45 (plus HST $20.00) to Telus. Overwrite?alculated HST.Chq 2Electricity $430 (plus HST) to Origin Power Chq 3Advertising $2,000 (plus HST) to leader Papers Chq 48 Completed Job for JP Construction, 158 Keil Drive, Chatham,?ntario N7L1A1 (519) 555-1234. Invoiced $2000 (Plus HST),?erms Net 30. Invoice 20111 Completed cash job for Big Brothers Construction, issued receipt?or 4,400.00 (plus HST). Received payment in full and deposited?ash in bank.Sales receipt?02Bob purchased office furniture on credit Inv B333 $700 (plus HST)?rom Bizquip. Terms Net 30 . Bill12 Bob paid expenses for the business: Fuel $214(plus HST) to Echo?uels. Chq 5Insurance $600 to CUG Insurance for 12 Months liability?nsurance. Expense January Insurance and set up Prepaid?nsurance for Balance. Chq 6Bob drew $800 cash for his own use. Chq 715 Paid Brian’s Leasing for the lease of the backhoe. Chq 8Bank StatementUsing the bank statement below, prepare the bank reconciliation at January 16CIBCDowntownAccount Name Bob’s Back Hoes Account No 333067Statement for January 1-16Date Debit Credit BalanceJanuary 2 Cash/Chqs 25,000.00 25,000.00 CR4 0001 5,198.00 19,802.00 CR6 Cash/Chqs 2,825.00 22,627.00 CR8 0003 485.90 22,141.10 CR11 Cash/Chqs 4,972.00 27,113.10 CR0002 218.45 26,894.65 CR0007 800.00 26,094.65 CR13 Bank fee 20.00 26,074.65 CR0006 600.00 25,474.65 CRBusinessAccountingACCOUNTING B10680

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