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Visualize the lobby of a hotel that is renowned for its qual

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Visualize the lobby of a hotel that is renowned for its quality service.The General Manager is discretely observing the activity in the foyer. Nearby is the front desk and guests are being checked in, and from his vantage point the Manager can hear what is being said.The front desk clerk is confirming the arrangements of the booking with the guest and the following discussion occurs:”Sir, you will be charging your accommodation to the company and paying your other expenses.” “No, all expenses will be paid by the company.””I am sorry sir, but according to this we have only authorized charge of the accommodation.””Last time I stayed here I had the same problem and last week I personally rang to sort this out. All expenses are to be charged.”The clerk goes to get authorization on the account and the now disgruntled guest turns to his companion and says in exasperation:”. . . you see it’s exactly as I said it would happen. I stay here every month and yet every time I have this same problem.”The General Manager considers the exchange with concern. That guest had not received the quality service the hotel was aiming to provide and if the guest continually had this experience it would simply be a matter of time before he decided to try one of the competitors. Not only could that one guest’s custom be lost, but he could be the manager of a company who frequently stay at the hotel and hold functions there.The difficulty for the Hotel Manager is to determine how to react to this situation.? ??Is it a problem that only this particular guest faces or is it a common problem experienced by many? How to be sure? Justify? ??Whose fault is it that the problem arises initially? Justify? ??What is the appropriate immediate action to be taken? Justify? ??Describe the ways you would follow to prevent the reoccurrence? JustifyBusinessMGT 527

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