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You are a new health and safety manager coming to work for A

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You are a new health and safety manager coming to work for ACME Widgets.?herehave been several health and safety managers hired previously (6 in the past 3 years) but none of them have stayed long enough to affect any real change.?ou have asked why the other H&S managers have not stayed with the company and the response you received was that “they were not the right fit” for the job.?ou left a highly paying position in a different city, moved your family, sold your house, and convinced your partner to quit their job so you could explore this new adventure with ACME Widgets.?ou scheduled your first meeting with operations and maintenance managers with the intention of introducing yourself and getting to know some faces.?f the 20 people you invited to the meeting, 4 showed up.?hose that were in attendance?ere not overly welcoming to you.?hen you began your discussion with the small group, you noticed that 2 of the 4 people were texting or answering emails and not paying attention.?ou go back to your office a bit concerned and a bit offended and decide that you will start reviewing some of the safety statistics for the company.?ou notice that the accident frequency was extremely high compared to the other organizations in the WSIB rate group, and that they had 8 fatalities just last year.?his is all coming as a shock to you.?ust then, a loud knock at your door startles you and in walks the local union president.?e didn’t wait for an invitation to sit down – instead he pulled a chair in front of your desk and put his feet up on the other chair.?e then began to tell you that he doesn’t trust you, you will never make a difference, the company doesn’t care about his workers’ health and safety and that he will make sure that you are walked out the doors the same way the others have been.?e then leaves without giving you an opportunity to respond.?he next visitor came less than 5 minutes later and it is the president.?ou’re still a bit shaken from your first couple of hours on the job, and the president sits down in your office to talk.?he admits that there are some huge problems with the current safety performance, but also admits that she is at a loss when it comes?o safety management system development.?he explains that “it’s all up to you to fix this.”?hen she leaves.Considerations for your answer:You do not have an option to quit this job.?ou must come up with a plan based on what you know about Psychology in the Workplace, Change Management and all of the complications associated with getting people to buy into YOU.?hat do you do??This case is based on a true story)BusinessManagementHuman Resource ManagementADMN 2906

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