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You are working as a technician in a telecommunication compa

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You are working as a technician in a telecommunication company. Youare assigned a project to troubleshoot and repair telecommunication networks. Your assessor will be acting as your supervisor and responsible to delegate work to you.?he work will be delegated to you by your supervisor (trainer/assessor) as per the activities listed in this assessment task. The description of the activities is mentioned below.?he role of the supervisor (trainer/assessor) is to allocate the tasks, activities and responsibilities you will be required to undertake to complete these assessments. Your trainer/assessor will also observe you when you are completing the activities and evaluate your performance based on benchmarking in the performance checklists.?he trainer/assessor is required to provide a Live network, protocols, configuration documents, management tools and standards, information about network and demographic trends, and customer demand data to all students completing this unit of competency. The scenario is also required to be the same for all students.?tudents should be assessed individually and on their own, without any other students present to ensure the student is assessed on their own work.?fter each activity, you will find a Performance Checklist. The list outlines the tasks you need to perform, and your supervisor (your assessor) will observe.?ou will be required to demonstrate your skills and knowledge in the following areas:?????btain work details and scope from relevant personnel and arrange for site access in compliance with required security arrangements, legislation, codes, regulations and standards?????nalyse required data and previous actions taken by relevant personnel?????esearch areas of similarity to network fault?????evelop commercial and technical strategies with equipment vendor and NOC for diagnosing the fault?????ddress and discuss all workplace health and safety (WHS) issues with relevant personnel?????pply a methodical approach to isolate and diagnose the network problem?????imulate fault in the required environment?????eek support from relevant personnel throughout investigation?????nstruct on-site technical staff to run required tests and analyse results?????etermine the nature of network failure using recognised analytical procedures while minimising impact to other services.?omputer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyNetworkingADMINSTRAT ICTTEN618

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