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You will need to develop a real coaching plan to train a new

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You will need to develop a real coaching plan to train a new personat your workplace a basic skill from the scenarios listed below. Don’t show how to writetraining plan, actually writetraining plan.Your training plan will need to include all the steps of coaching on the job:Plan the coaching.Make the trainee feel at ease.Explain the task.Demonstrate.Seek feedback.Trainee practice.Follow up.Evaluation.You will need to include any written information you would give the trainee.You will need to include safety in your training.Don’t just state what you will coach them in; we are also interested in how you will complete eachstep.Include two possible problems that may occur in coaching and how you would overcome them.Include how you would monitor the progress on the trainee on an ongoing basis following thecoaching.Explain why feedback is important during and after a coaching session.Explain why it is important to monitor the progress of staff after a coaching session.ScenariosIf you are NOT currently working, and are unable to use a workplace to complete assignment. Chooseone of the following scenarios and complete the assignment on a simulated basis.1. You work as a cook in an Indian restaurant and need to coach a new person in the kitchen how to make and cook Indian breads.2. You are the owner/operator of a caf?coffee shop and need to coach a new person how to use the dishwasher.3. You are the head chef of a pub and need to coach an apprentice how to grill steaks.4. You are a restaurant supervisor for a 50 pax French Restaurant and you need to coach a new person how to make coffee with the coffee machine.5. You are a supervisor at a tourist park and need to coach staff on a new procedure for selling tickets to an attraction in the park.BusinessCOOKERY SITXHRM001

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