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Your friend Prisha will be graduating from Seneca’s Flight S

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Your friend Prisha will be graduating from Seneca’s Flight Services… Your friend Prisha will be graduating from Seneca’s Flight Services program next year and has always dreamed of being involved in operating an airline.?he’s even named her airline … “Prish-Air”!?risha has not taken any business courses, but she knows that you have.?o, Prisha shares her idea with you because she has some questions for you and wants your advice.?risha says that she has studied and investigated airline routes and opportunities.?he thinks that a small specialty airline can be more competitive than existing larger airlines.?er plan is to provide flights a few times per week from Montreal to Jamaica and perhaps other Caribbean Islands during the winter months, and from Montreal to Iceland and Ireland during summer months.?s an example of an airline success using a similar strategy, she tells you that WestJet started out with only a few flights and grew from there.?he is very excited! Prisha asks you about the following:Prisha says she’s heard there are 3 forms of business ownership.?he’s asked you to outline the 3 different forms and choose which form you think is best for her to start her airline with, and to explain why you believe this to be the best form of ownership for her to start her airline with.?e sure to include some advantages and disadvantages in your explanation.?10 marks)1.??risha is planning for her business expenses. What distinguishes the difference between an airline’s short-term expenses and long-term expenses??hat are some examples of expenditures that would be classified in each category and why? (5 marks)Prisha said she is thinking ahead and is very concerned about long-term financing.?he has asked you to explain the differences between debt financing and equity financing. ?5 marks) She also wants to know whether you recommend debt financing or equity financing, and why you make this recommendation.?5 marks)BusinessNEWNHAM 106

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